Bob Dylan is a wimp who can't take the heat!

  Wimps!!!!! As a high school student and college student living in Arizona summer was always party time! We never let a little warm or even hot weather get in our way of having parties in the desert at the river or at the lakes. What wimps a crummy 110°F (43°C) is stopping them from having a Dylan concert! What wimps!!


Heat cancels Bob Dylan show in Glendale

Aug. 8, 2009 08:38 AM

Associated Press

A summer concert next week featuring Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson has been canceled because of excessive heat in the greater Phoenix area.

Concert promoter Jam Productions said late Friday that the hot weather expected for Tuesday's show at Camelback Ranch in Glendale was a risk "too great for all involved."

It says the heat posed a "serious health risk to the public as well as the working personnel" at the outdoor venue, which is the spring training ground for the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Fans who already purchased tickets will receive refunds from their point of purchase.

Temperatures in the Phoenix metropolitan area were expected to soar to 110 (43°C) degrees Tuesday. [hmmm... soar to 110 degrees? I wonder what they would say if it got to 115°F or even a record 122°F (50°C). Hell for the last two weeks it was 115°F every other day! Wimps! who can't handle the heat!]


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