2 dogs after they attack city worker

  This could have happened to me twice this year. But I lucked out and didn't get attacked.

In Tempe by the railroad tracks and Alameda two loose pit bulls almost attacked me. They got out from their home when some workers left the gate open.

I yelled and screamed and the workers got the dogs back.

At Papago Park in Phoenix two large dogs started to come at me I was afraid they were going to attack me.

I think they were with a jogger who was not watching them.

I jumped a fence and want into the Boltanicanl Gardens to get away from them.


Phoenix police kill 2 dogs after they attack city worker

by Lindsey Collum and Najat Omer - Sept. 30, 2008 11:30 PM

The Arizona Republic

A Phoenix street transportation employee is recovering at a hospital following a bloody attack by two American bulldogs that ended Tuesday when the canines were fatally shot by a police officer.

Carl Corona, 42, a street maintenance foreman, was working on an asphalt project when the dogs struck at Mariposa Park near 31st and Northern avenues.

The bulldogs, a male and female, escaped from a nearby home and attacked Corona, officers said.

Sam Nasser, 59, was walking his poodle about 9:30 a.m. when he noticed the activity.

"I saw the dogs doing something, and as I got closer I saw the body," he said.

Nasser called 911.

When officers arrived, Corona appeared "lifeless" as the bulldogs dragged him through muddy irrigation water, police said. Tony Morales, a Phoenix police spokesman, said Corona had multiple bite wounds to the arms, face and chest. One arm was cut to the bone.

"He was in a life-threatening situation," Morales said.

Corona is expected to recover, police said.

An officer shot one of the dogs to free Corona; the other dog was killed after it threatened the officer, Morales said.

A neighbor said he believed he had seen the owners walking the dogs and that they were always well-behaved.

The dogs appeared to weigh between 60 and 70 pounds. Adult bulldogs typically weigh between 80 pounds and 120 pounds, have powerful jaws and are known to be territorial.

American bulldogs are predecessors to American pit bull terriers and American Staffordshire terriers. A bulldog's aggression and prey drive is elevated compared to most breeds, according to Kathleen Snope, an officer of the Working American Bulldog Association.

"American bulldogs are not the ideal pet for most people," Snope said from her home in California. "They require a lot of training and socialization . . . Most families don't want to put that kind of training into a pet."

Morales said it is unlikely the dog owners will face criminal charges.


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