Dogs kill a man and woman in Georgia

  Always carry a stick or gun with me! I could be attacked by wild dogs, or even lose domestic dogs!


Authorities round up dogs that killed Ga. couple

Posted 8/18/2009 12:05 PM ET

LEXINGTON, Ga. (AP) Officials in northeast Georgia are scouring the area where an elderly couple was killed to find the last few dogs suspected in the deadly attack. Preliminary autopsy results show 77-year-old Lothar Karl Schweder and his 65-year-old wife, Sherry, died of injuries related to multiple animal bites.

Authorities rounded up about 11 dogs on Monday and returned to the area Tuesday to find four more spotted by a deputy.

Authorities say it appears the pack of wild dogs attacked Sherry Schweder as she walked a dirt road near her house. They say it appears her husband later went looking for her and was also attacked by the dogs.

The Humane Society says federal statistics show an average of 16 people die each year from dog bites.


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