80°F in February is NOT a heat wave!

  Jesus give me a break! 80 degrees in February is NOT a heat wave! Maybe if it hits 100°F for a week in February that is a heat wave! Of course if it were summer time I wouldn't consider anything less then 115°F for a week or two a heat wave. But give me a break a few days in February where the temps pop up over 80°F is not a stinking heat wave. This is Phoenix not Chicago!

Heat wave moves into the Valley today
Temps will be way above normal for a few days.


Above normal temps move into Valley early this week

by Emily Dean - Feb. 23, 2009 11:34 AM

The Arizona Republic

The Valley is experiencing a February heat wave as temperatures reach abnormal highs.

Monday will be partly sunny with the high temperature reaching up to 78 degrees and 8 mph winds.

Temperatures will be considerably above normal for the next few days, said Austin Jamison of the National Weather Service.

February temperatures for this time of the year were as low as 66 degrees in 2004 and have not topped the lower 70s range in the last five years.

For Tuesday and Wednesday we can expect mostly sunny skies with a high of 85 and 84 degrees.

Although still higher than average Arizona temperatures, we can expect to see slightly cooler temperatures of 80 degrees on Thursday.

As the weekend moves in, you can plan on sunshine and poolside weather with a Friday and Saturday highs continuing in the lower 80s.

For skiers and snowboarders, Sunrise Park Resort said the snow is still holding up despite warmer temperatures.

The ski area plans to stay open through March and was expecting a slight chance of snow for Tuesday night, Mountain Manager Bill London said.


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