Nice weather on Halloween! It should hit 90°F

  This homeless person certainly isn't complaining about the weather! Well it would be nice if it got up to 100°F so I can wear shorts, but i will take a 90°F day any day of the year over a 80°F day!


Halloween forecast: Hot

by Parker Leavitt - Oct. 29, 2008 10:50 AM

The Arizona Republic

Valley residents eager for cooler, fall-like temperatures [not me] will have to endure an unusually warm Halloween before November finally brings some relief.

Halloween temperatures were expected to reach 90 degrees in Phoenix and the West Valley, while East Valley suburbs could see highs around 89 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

The normal high for Oct. 31 is just 81 degrees.

Temperatures Halloween night were expected to drop to 65 degrees, which is also well above normal.

Saturday was expected to be just as warm, with mostly sunny skies and highs reaching 90 degrees.

But Sunday should bring cooler temperatures, kicking off a cooling trend expected to continue into next week. Valley temperatures should top out at 86 degrees on Sunday, and highs could dip into the 70s by Tuesday.

The above-normal October temperatures may be part of an apparent warming trend in Phoenix.

The Weather Service earlier released a statement concluding that fall temperatures in the Phoenix area have steadily increased over the last century.

According to National Weather Service data, this October has been over 2 degrees warmer than the average over the last 30 years.


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