Cloud cover gives Valley record warmth


Cloud cover gives Valley record warmth

Mike Branom, Tribune January 21, 2009 - 11:27AM

Overnight cloud cover gave the Valley a morning with record-tying warmth.

The National Weather Service reported the low temperature recorded in Phoenix on Wednesday was 59 degrees. That matches a previous high minimum, set in 1989.

Yuma`s low of 60 degrees established a new record for warmest minimum temperature, breaking the mark of 59 degrees, reached in 1969.

The mild morning was due to clouds at 10,000 feet and above, acting as a blanket to keep Tuesday's heat from radiating away.

Those clouds were expected to remain over the Valley on Wednesday, keeping daytime highs from exceeding the mid-70s. Typically this time of year, Phoenix's maximum temperatures are in the upper 60s.

However, overnight lows are forecast to be once again at record levels or near them.

On Thursday into early Friday, there is a chance of showers from a low-pressure system approaching Arizona from the southwest. Precipitation totals are expected to be light: up to two-tenths of an inch in the Valley, and as much as a half-inch in the mountains.


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