Scorpion Cave

The Cave


This is Scorpion Cave from a distance. Note the cool waterfall in front of it that is flooded when we get our summer monsoons.

This is Scorpion Cave close up. It is maybe 10 or 15 feet wide and 6 or so feet high at the outside. It is only 6 or 7 feet deep.

This is one of the small holes the scorpions live in. This hole is maybe an inch wide, for those of you other then Americans that is about 2 and a half centimeters. When a scorpion is hanging out in his doorway and you shine a UV light on him the scorpion will run back inside the hole.

This is another hole a scorpion lives in.

This is where I live. Under a tree a few hundred yards or meters down the road from Scorpion Cave. I call it Camp Scorpion Cave.

This is another cave in the same wash. There are a whole bunch of these caves. Most of them are pretty small. Some of them are big enough to sleep in but not much bigger.