Scorpion Cave

  This sign that says not guns in the park is in violation of Arizona law. The rulers of the City of Phoenix are a bunch of gun grabbers and are always doing this nonsense.

Not the image of a gun with the circle and the cross bar which means NO GUNS.

Also take not of the wording that says

Carrying a firearm into this park is limited to persons who possess a permit issued pursuant to section A.R.S. 13-3112.
Both of those are a violation of Arizona law.

Arizona law says that cities are not allowed to ban guns in large parks. I donít remember what the definition of a large park is, but I think it is greater then one square mile. This park is one of the largest city parks in the nation and probably over 20 square miles in area. And for that reason the sign is illegal.

Cities are allowed to cordon off a small area of a park and declare guns illegal under the law, but the city of Phoenix did not do this. They just banned guns in the entire 20 square mile park which as I said is illegal under Arizona law.