A summer cold wave - temps 10°F to 15°F below normal

  We are having a summer cold wave - temps 10°F to 15°F below normal. Where else in the world can you have a cold wave with the highs being above 90°F besides Phoenix? Well probably Baghdad, Iraq, and Death Valley, Califormia, but not many other places.

In the summer I wear a sweatshirt, not to keep warm, but to keep bugs off of me. Because of the cold wave I am wearing my raincoat in addition to my sweatshirt to keep warm. But still it is not that cold.


Low temperatures expected in the Valley this week

by Julia Guzy - Jun. 8, 2009 05:47 PM

The Arizona Republic

Low temperatures are expected to last through mid-week, according to Phoenix National Weather Service officials.

High temperatures Tuesday are forecast to reach about 90 degrees, with evening temperatures predicted at a low of 68 degrees.

Tuesday is expected to bring mostly cloudy skies and gusty winds that could reach 23 miles per hour. There is a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and a slight chance of showers in the evening. Wednesday's forecast is mostly sunny, with high temperatures near 91 degrees and low temperatures at about 69 degrees. The evening is expected to be mostly clear.

A low pressure system off the Pacific Northwest is causing cooler temperatures, which are 10-15 degrees below normal for June, National Weather Service officials said.

Temperatures are expected to gradually increase by a couple of degrees each day through the rest of the week, according to the National Weather Service.


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