The low will be 90°F today

  Hey I hate cold weather so I will take a 115°F day any day of the year over a freezing cold 60°F day. Cold weather sucks!

This article says the lows this week will be in the 90°F's

Nothing wrong with that I like warm weather!


Little relief from Valley heat - even at night

by Rosha Safarmehdi - Jul. 13, 2009 09:15 AM

The Arizona Republic

The Valley is in for another scorching day Monday as temperatures are expected to reach a high of 115 degrees, extending the excessive heat warning into Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Also of concern is the overnight lows - projected to be in the 90s this week - especially for those Valley residents with limited or no access to air conditioning, said meteorologist Paul Iniguez.

Sunday temperatures tied the record of 115 degrees set in 2005 and Monday may see the same fate if expected temperatures reach the 2005 record of 114 degrees, said meteorologist Paul Iniguez.

The rest of the week is projected to be much like the weekend, except for a very slight drop in temperatures to 112 degrees by midweek.

Iniguez said the excessive heat warning that is still in effect may be extended beyond Tuesday if the temperatures continue.

Monday is expected to be quite dry, with humidity levels at 15 percent, Iniguez said.

The Valley is not expected to see much monsoon moisture coming in this week as the heat continues to linger.


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