The Serial Shooters could have killed me

Sam Dieteman and Dale Hausner could have killed me

  The Serial Shooters could have killed me. I was in the area!!!! FINISH THIS Source

'Serial Shooter' testimony: 2 laughed after shooting man
by Michael Kiefer - Jan. 7, 2009 02:45 PM
The Arizona Republic

The first time Sam Dieteman saw Dale Hausner's shotgun, he thought it was a pellet gun.

It was May 2, 2006, a bit after 10 p.m., and they had just turned north from Van Buren Street onto 44th Street in Phoenix. There was a lone man walking on the sidewalk in front of the hotel there.

"Hey, lean back a little," Dieteman remembers Hausner telling him. Then Hausner pulled the gun from next to his leg, pointed it across Dieteman's body and laid it on the passenger-side window frame. The blast was louder than any pellet gun, but the man didn't seem to be seriously injured.

They laughed.

"It was kind of funny - as horrible as that sounds now," Dieteman said to a Maricopa County Superior Court jury Wednesday morning.

Twenty minutes later, Hausner handed him the gun as they passed a woman walking along Thomas Road in Scottsdale.

"Your turn, dude," Hausner said.

Dieteman fired. The woman was blown from the sidewalk onto a patch of grass. She later died.

"I thought: 'This was the first person I killed.' I was kind of freaking out," Dieteman said.

Sam Dieteman returned to the witness stand Wednesday morning to testify against his former roommate Dale Hausner, who is on trial for 87 crimes, including eight murders.

Police and prosecutors believe that Hausner and Dieteman are the so-called "Serial Shooters" who terrorized the Valley for 16 months in 2005 and 2006, sniping at people and animals as they drove the city streets looking for prey.

Dieteman, who claims he had nothing to do with the crimes that took place before May 2, 2006, has already pleaded guilty to two of the murders and a third non-fatal shooting.

On Wednesday morning, Dieteman gave insights into how he and Hausner stalked their victims. They would look for people walking alone when there was no traffic. Then, depending on which side of the car the victim was, they would take turns shooting.

Dieteman claimed that Hausner targeted people he thought were prostitutes or homeless people.

"It was like taking out the trash," Dieteman said.

But many of the victims were not homeless or prostitutes. That night, they were Kibili Tamadou, a young African immigrant on his way to buy milk at a convenience store - he lived to testify against Hausner in November -and Claudia Gutierrez Cruz, who was walking home from the bus after getting off work at her North Scottsdale restaurant job. She died in surgery.

The next day, Hausner came to his brother Jeff's apartment, where Dieteman was living, to show Dieteman a newspaper article about the Gutierrez Cruz murder.

"Hey dude, you got the first murder of the year in Scottsdale," Dieteman said Hausner told him. "I'm jealous."


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