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Community Based High Tech Harassment


The Phoenix End Community Based High Tech Harassment Meetup

Non-lethal directed energy weapons being developed for the military and police are being abused on people without their knowledge or consent. Government or corporate whistleblowers, and political activists are sometimes targeted for ongoing harassment. But you don't have to be "somebody special" to get targeted. THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE AS IT'S USED IN A PERVERTED VERSION OF "COMMUNITY POLICING" ABOUT SOCIAL BIGOTRY. Meet others that are against organized stalking/harassment. Plan ways we can use to expose this "hidden" crime and educate the general public. Find support and share coping strategies to deal with this organized hate crime. Our goal is over time to saturate the entire Phoenix Valley with information about organized stalking/harassment and the technology associated with it. (See our "About Us" page for more details.) People don't have to join our group. Just read our info. THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD!!! Our formally scheduled meetings will be held once a month. More spontaneous meetings may be held weekly. Treat other members of this group with the same respect you would want. Take your demands for proof elsewhere. Abuse will not be tolerated.


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We're a peaceful, non violent activist group. We work outside "the system" using home made signs, flyers, etc. to get the word out about organized stalking/harassment. Your own ideas are welcome. I'm not big on trying to effect change by working within the system, because the system is corrupt and by operating under their rules they control you so that you are no serious threat. There may be occasional small victories made that way, but they will not add up to real, meaningful change in the long run. The system has been corrupted and is abused to protect the political interests of it's elitist masters from We the People, while attempting to keep up an outward resemblance of "liberty and justice for all". By working within the system you're trying to use a corrupt system to work against its corruption!

Our goal is over time to systematically saturate the entire Phoenix Valley with information exposing organized stalking/harassment by promoting this meetup group's information and the links on this page. The idea is for people to READ IT, --whether or not they join the group, or ever come out to any of our meetings! They may even help us get the word out without doing either. People could do this by suggesting this site to a friend or two, or to anyone they know of who might be interested. THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD; FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS EVERY TYRANT'S WORST NIGHTMARE!!! It exposes and undermines him so that he can't work in secret. By informing and educating the general public about the tactics and technology which are used to torture, torment and control individuals through organized stalking/harassment, little by little we can raise awareness that this is happening in various places across the country. Organized stalking/harassment is also known as "gang stalking", "cause stalking", "community based harassment" "workplace mobbing", etc. This harassment often follows victims who relocate even to another state. The more that information about this "hidden" hate crime becomes available to the general public, the more it will help to in effect bring about the eradication of this organized stalking/harassment activity. Our meetings are open to everyone, and some of our individual members (such as myself) also have contact with other grassroots political groups in the Phoenix Valley and participate in some of their events.


Electronic non-lethal directed energy weapons developed for the military and police are being abused to experiment on private citizens without their knowledge or consent in America and around the world. These are also known as weapons of political control. Occasionally government or corporate whistleblowers, and some political activists are targeted for ongoing harassment. But you don't have to be "somebody special" to become targeted. Sometimes these weapons are abused in a perverted version of "community policing". The politics of "community policing" come down to how "policing" is defined, how "community" is defined and who is excluded in the definition of "community". When "the establishment" organizes and runs a community policing program, the big winners are not the communities themselves, but the established interests that law enforcement represents. This "community policing" sometimes includes the crime of harassment (low tech) in the victim's workplace by co-workers, called "workplace mobbing". In all cases the organized stalking/harassment is normally non-violent (no physical confrontation), and is intended for the impact of long-term systematic psycological abuse on the victim and on his life. This can also be done using only low-tech methods. Some victims are persecuted into homelessness. A tiny minority of the victims have been driven to "snap" in violence, or to suicide.

A private investigator, David Lawson, wrote a book titled "Cause Stalking" after investigating several cases of organized stalking and harassment and infiltrating some groups. In it he says that organized groups of perps often have a pact to back each other up. According to him the pact can include hundreds of people (or only seem to be hundreds) from all walks of life who back each other up if any of them singles someone out. My personal experience is this pact can even include the churches within the local Christian community! In community policing which involves the use of organized stalking/harassment, even if the perps eventually decide to open up to their victim and want him to join them (so that they have him in their back pocket), they will never genuinely accept him and will always view him as a second class citizen. It is not uncommon for this organized stalking and harassment to follow a victim who relocates even to another state. "It is only the little secrets that need protecting, the big secrets are protected by incredulity." One website lists things that some different victims of organized stalking/harassment experienced in common. These same tactics appear to be used universally by the perps, and matched my own experience to a "T" with only minor variations. For that reason I draw on some of my own experience to illustrate basically how organized stalking/harassment is sometimes carried out. (This universal "game plan" is from a report by Julianne McKinney, which I include a link to at the end of these pages.) Some of these technologies have physical effects, such as inflicting pain, nausia, etc., but they are not used in all cases. The technology most often encountered seems to be one that the Discovery Channel made a brief mention of during one of their programs. They said that the military has the technology to demoralize enemy troops. This is as in manipulating their emotions. The patent for this tecnology is #3951134, "Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves". This technology uses low frequency microwaves, used for radio communications. A simplified description of how this technology works is like this: Our brain waves are a very weak form of radio waves, transmitted through the skull and into space in the form of waste energy given off as a byproduct of our brain's electrical activity. These brain waves carry brain wave data on them which this technology can interpret in detail. Two microwave frequencies are transmitted to the brain, which alters the pattern of the microwaves with its electrical activity and transmits an interference waveform shaped by its brain waves. This technology receives, amplifies, and interprets the incoming signal, extracting the brainwave data from it. Based on the incoming signal, this technology generates a compensating signal which uses the entrainment principle to cause the brain to make its brainwave pattern conform to the brainwave pattern for the specific emotion and intensity desired by the operator, thus artificially manipulating the emotions. This technology can be used on people en-masse, or on a single individual without affecting anyone around him. Every individual's exact brain wave frequency is a bio-identifier, like fingerprints or a retina scan. An individual's exact brain wave frequency is probably obtained with a highly sensitive form of what is called a "frequency grabber" in ham radio circles. This frequency grabber could conceivably be hidden in a common object like a briefcase, etc., and placed or hidden next to the intended victim in a public place such as a bus stop, etc. Once the operator has the victim's exact brain wave frequency he can harass the victim even in a crowd without affecting anyone around him. This same brain wave technology also has the capability to transmit silent subliminal suggestion. Other capabilities mentioned in the text of the patent allow the operator to monitor the victim's emotional state, his vital signs and his thought processes. An uninformed victim might begin to question his sanity and think he's hearing voices or other sounds. (An example of this kind of ability to use microwaves in transmitting sounds directly to the audio cortex of the brain is patent #4858612, "Hearing Device".) This technology also has the ability to make the transmitted voices or sounds appear to the victim to be emanating from a specific direction around him, and the perps can control which direction. These sounds are muted enough that fairly loud real noises can mask them. The voices of specific individuals known by the victim can also be computer synthesized and transmitted.

Two of this technology's capabilities, monitoring a person's thought processes, and to transmit the operator's voices and other sounds to him, together allow for the victim to have intelligent two-way communication with the perps, and he gets intelligent and emotional responses back, just like talking on radios. Only in this case all the technology is on the perp's end and the victim's brain acts as the passive link between himself and this technology. The victim can either think his reply to his perps or vocalize it and get intelligent responses unrelated to his thought processes. The perps themselves use this technology as radios to keep in communication with each other, and often can be overheard by their victim. (The perps can also mute their own voices trying to prevent this.) I've used this two-way communication to push my perp's buttons and gauged the success of my verbal darts to hit a raw nerve by the degree of the perps' anger in their reactions. When I found a good one I remembered it for future use. In this way I eventually got so that I could literally break my perps down into tears of rage almost on a daily basis! I'd hear them crying on the other end and they would start screaming threats at me. They never backed up a threat even though I'd challenge them to "bring it on". After a while I realized that the perps aren't allowed to become physically violent, as that would give their victim some evidence and make it harder to discredit him.

The patent for this radio wave/brain wave technology was granted in 1976. It can be found on a Google patent search using either the patent number, 3951134, or the key words "Brain Waves". At the top of the Google home page click "more". In the box that appears go to the bottom click "even more". On the next page scroll down to and click "Patent Search" in the left hand column on the page. You can read the text of the patent yourself. This technology has become more advanced since the original patent was granted. The additional information was given in patent #3951134X, but this document supposedly was destroyed in a historic fire at the patent office. This brain wave technology is not a weapon per se, and is popularly known as "mind control" technology, though it can't be used to literally control anyone. It is mainly used for surveillance/harassment purposes. IT HAS SERIOUS IMPLICATIONS FOR A FREE SOCIETY! This technology and any of the non-lethal weapons can be used alone or two or more used together.

Organized stalking/harassment often involves ongoing heinous atrocities in the form of systematic, trauma based psychological abuse. What makes these atrocities all the more monsterous is it's done covertly and behind the scenes, by remote through "mind control" technology, yet right under the public's noses, making the victim appear to be progressively deteriorating psychologically with no outward cause. The victim himself is unlikely to know what is happening, is not believed if he talks about it, and doesn't know where to turn for help. The ultimate purpose appears to be to get him out of society. The initial harassment is mainly conventional, and after the perps have instilled enough emotional turmoil in their victim so that he can't think clearly, they begin to ramp up the harassment through the "mind control" technology and rely less on conventional methods. The perps cause the victim to believe that someone is demonizing him behind his back. The perps attempt to isolate the victim socially from family and friends, etc., denying him any social support groups. The perps also start trying to distort the victim's perception of reality, mainly his perception of how the world perceives him as a person and also his perception of himself. The perps want to totally destroy the victim's self worth and self esteem. The emotional turmoil created by the harassment, combined with not knowing what is going on or why and not having anyone he can clearly identify as the cause, leaves the victim in a confused, disoriented state. It affects his short term memory, hinders his ability to focus and concentrate, and ruins his ability for clear, rational analytical thought. This puts the victim into a long downward spiral in which he unwittingly begins to bring additional problems upon himself with how he reacts under the constant emotional stress. This can lead to jail time, ruined reputation, loss of confidence in himself, loss of employment, the breakup of his marriage and family, etc. The perps enhance this process and their tactics with this technology's capabilities, mainly those of artificially manipulating a person's emotions and for silent subliminal suggestion. (The perps don't seem to be able to sustain either of these attacks for longer than a few minutes at a time.) The perps eventually toss a specific accusation out for the victim, based partly on what his mind has been filling in the blanks with for them (they also play off his fears the same way) and partly on a grain of truth. However, this grain of truth will be twisted, blown out of proportion and presented in the worst possible light. The perps want their confused, disoriented victim to believe that he may have unknowingly done something that was either criminal or misinterpreted and word about it spread, making him look like some kind of criminal. The perps enhance this by manipulating the victim's emotions so that he feels wracked with guilt and humiliation over it so that he's too humiliated to talk about what is being done to him. The perps then go to work using fear to break their victim down into a paranoid mass of quivering Jell-O. The perps' accusations of a crime can be made years after the harassment originally started and the victim doesn't remember clearly (seven years in my case), and the perps could have the criminal act that they begin accusing the victim of committing, happening as long as two years AFTER their harassment campaign began (as was the case in my own experience)! As he goes about his business around town, the perps will occasionally quietly transmit their voices to him directionally, so that he thinks that he's overhearing people around him bad mouthing him. This could also spark confrontations. On rare occasions members of the perps' group will put on skits of "street theater" for their victim's benefit, to make their deception appear to have even further substance in reality. The perps may even cause the victim to believe that he's under investigation for the "heinous crime" he committed. The perps can also use the "mind control" technology and their tactics to cause a religious person to begin to doubt God's love and acceptance for him, or even to believe that God has rejected him and he is demon posessed! It's even possible for the perps to fake a religious experience for their victim, or try to convince him that he's dealing with ghosts, space aliens, etc.

The victim is also denied economic opportunity in order to keep him down. The perps want to make sure he has nothing, goes nowhere and does nothing, so to destroy his dreams in life. This includes petty vandalism and petty theft to nickel and dime him to death. I started saving the receipts as evidence every time I had to repair or replace something in case this ever got into court. Not long after I started doing this, the incidents of petty vandalism and petty theft dropped dramatically, and then tapered off to almost nothing. It is still almost impossible for me to get a job other than working day labor out of a temporary service.

The perps also attempt to push and provoke the victim to the point where he blows up and does something stupid so that they can get him locked up. THE PERPS HAVE NO POWER UNTIL THE VICTIM COMMITS A CRIME. The perps will also attempt to make the victim to appear to be a paranoid schitzophrenic and try to eventually get him into a mental institution. If the victim cannot be provoked to the point of violence, the perps simply try for getting him into the mental health system.

In order for the perps to break you down through their stalking/harassment, they have to trick you into feeding into the negative emotions that are the natural reaction to their harassment and to wallow in rage or self pity. Once you start doing this, YOU begin to break YOURSELF down for the perps! The perps can't break you down themselves, they need to trick you into doing it for them!

Just as nobody can make you mad unless you let them, nobody or no circumstances can make you feel a certain way and wallow in it unless you let them. We have more control over our emotions than some people realize. We don't have to react emotionally to something if we don't want to. Even when the perps artificially manipulate your emotions, you don't have to react emotionally to their attack. Don't react emotionally to any of their harassment, but react normally to everything else. This may be difficult at first, but it gets easier over time as you put it into practice, and you'll become a stronger person. Learn to control your emotions instead of simply reacting to what you feel, and keep doing things you enjoy. Emotions follow actions, not the other way around! Focus on the positive things in life, keep laughing and appreciating even the little things that many take for granted. The most important thing is to maintain your sense of humor, this is absolutely vital! A whimsical humor works great! Don't take yourself or life too seriously. I've learned that genuine happiness does not come from your outward circumstances or from the people around you, but from your own attitude and mindset. By happiness I mean being able to accept things as they are at the moment, simply learning to be content with your circumstances at the moment and making the best of it, but I don't mean there is no desire to better yourself. You may need to lower your expectations in life and of people around you. Even if we did have a perfect world but we were to remain the same, we would still have some people making themselves miserable. Without even realizing it they would be setting themselves up for it with a negative attitude and mindset. It takes no more work or energy to be happy than it does to be miserable. Since the choice is ultimately our own, why not be happy? Even if you can't come out on top, or change anything in your circumstances, don't allow it to break your spirit. Don't let stuff overwhelm you, then even when you cannot overcome adversity, adversity won't overcome you! The powerless can humble the powerful with physical courage, an untiring sense of humor, and the conviction that no matter what they do to you they cannot humiliate you, only you can humiliate yourself. Human dignity can be assaulted, vandalized, and cruelly mocked, but it cannot be taken away unless it is surrendered! Whenever I want I can "tune out" the perps' voices like I do a radio station I'm not listening to. I deal with the artificial manipulation of my emotions by quieting myself inwardly, and questioning whether what I'm feeling is either out of character for me, or of an intensity out of character for me under the circumstances. If either is the case, I ignore what I'm feeling and react according to logic and reason, and do what I would do normally. The perps love to use negative emotions, especially fear. Silent subliminal suggestion is harder to catch. It feels like an "impression" or "idea" hitting you. The perps use this to cause worry, or as part of distorting how you interpret the world around you. The impression could be logically and rationally dismissed as baseless, but then a minute later it hits your mind again. When this happens a few times in a row, you know what you're dealing with and you ignore it.

The perps want you to become desperate to "do something" to get out of the harassment. They have no more power than what you give them. Instead, accept your circumstances and do nothing, but fight back by betraying their secret and blowing their cover! This puts the pressure on the perps!


A local case of a form of organized stalking/harassment which is high profile was featured on a local radio show, with the victim as the guest. It is arcived on the host's site along with a short blurb giving the main details of the story. The blurb reads, "David and Terry DeGroot challenged photo radar years ago and have been in the crosshairs of Mesa city government ever since. Helicopters following their children and David and Terry to work (even stopping for traffic lights). Hundreds of hours of home video shows what has been happening. But the City of Mesa Police went on the offensive and alleged that David endangered the pilot by shining a flashlight at the helicopter. Now they have a 'conviction' with sentancing Nov. 8th." (This was 11/8/07. Terry was sentanced to five years suspended, and three years probation.) To listen to the radio segment, which aired on 10/28/07, go to: Declare Your Independence, with Ernest Hancock. at There are also two print articles on this story which give more information. The first is at Freedom's Phoenix, dated 10/26/07. The second article is at Freedom's Phoenix, also dated 10/26/07. This second article has a link above the title that takes you to an older article from 2002 providing background information on the case. --LINKS TO SOME SITES ON ORGANIZED STALKING/HARASSMENT-- --Some of these sites may contain one item or two of bad advice to trip up a victim, but otherwise contain good info in general. This makes the trap subtle. In general, DO talk about what is happening to you to friends and loved ones, and DON'T trust "the system" to not back up the perps.--

I have yet to find a website on organized stalking/harassment that I agree with 100%, but there is a website about it that gives a fairly good summary of the crime. It is at: Catchcanada (

The report I mentioned at the beginning as containing what I called the perp's universal "game plan" is by Julianne McKinney, titled, "Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation" It is in part 2.

One of the better websites on organized stalking/harassment is: Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. ( This organization, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, offers help to victims. It also has links to three different Yahoo! email groups of online communities of organized stalking/harassment victims nation wide. They will encourage you, share information about this crime and the technology with you, and help you in any way they can. You may want to set up a seperate email account from your primary one for these lists, because they are very active. On the freedomfchs home page there are tabs on the left side of the page. Click the tab labeled, "What to do", and it will take you to the links for these email lists.

This website also contains links to other sites on organized stalking/harassment. Another good site is one that provides reliable, verifiable documentation from the media. It also has links to good books and videos on the subject. It is at: Want To Know.Info ( On the topic bar across the top of the page click the icon for "mind control".


This is a 10 minute animation explaining the Constitutional principle of self-ownership, called "The Philosophy of Liberty". Click on the icon for this on the site for The Arizona Breakfast Club. Feel free to come out to one of their monthly meetings as well, as they're open to all who love freedom and liberty. They are at:The Arizona Breakfast Club (

In Freedom and Liberty,

Von Kidd