Taking a bath will make you fat?

  Hmmm you can gain weight by taking a bath. Your body absorbs the water. "You could soak up as much as 3 pounds during a long soak in the tub"

Well that is almost the same as getting fat!


Hummingbirds don't call Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers

Today's question: Do hummingbirds ever get fat?


On other matters, I heard an interview on the radio this week with the immortal Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs. He said one of his aspirations was to win a Nobel Prize. I'm in for that. Mr. Banks, if there is anything I can do, let me know.

I note that a high-end clothing store, Barneys New York, is opening here. When I was a kid in St. Louis there was a very low-end Barney's clothing store. Any connection?


I'm dieting and I keep close track of my weight, but I notice that after I take a shower I gain about a half a pound every time. My question is: Does the body absorb that much water during a shower?

It's possible. One thing I read said you could soak up as much as 3 pounds during a long soak in the tub, but I kind of doubt that.

Sometime awhile ago, you told me a large rabbit I saw in Paradise Valley was a jackrabbit. Well, I saw one of them again and this time I noticed the tail. It was at least a foot long and black in color. This was definitely a rabbit, although it sure did not look normal with the long tail. Am I seeing things or is this the way jackrabbits look?

Jackrabbits are not rabbits; they are a kind of hare. And I would be surprised, although not amazed, if you saw one with a foot-long tail. Most of them have a tail of 4 inches or so. Are you sure what you saw was a jackrabbit?

As you know, the water here in the Valley is so hard that I get a lot of chemical buildup on my hummingbird feeders. I was wondering if I could use distilled water to make the feeder food and not cause any harm to the birds?

I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

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