50 mph cause power outages across Valley

  I woke up at about 1 am because of the noisy wind. It wasn't cold, but it was just real loud and I woke up.

I dress pretty warm so the wind didn't make me cold. Also it is changing from winter to summer now so the weather isn't that cold.

Also I use a large cardboard sheet as a blanket so the wind doesn't blow directly on me.

While it was windy it can get a lot worse. There were not any trees blown down in my area.

When a summer monsoon come it can knock down bunches of trees.

A while ago there were 70 mph winds thru this area that knocked down a whole bunch of trees. They said the radar recorded the winds up to 100 mph.


Winds up to 50 mph cause power outages across Valley

by Channing Turner and Tyler Lockman - Mar. 27, 2009 08:18 AM

The Arizona Republic

Damaging winds, exceeding 50 mph in some places, caused power outages across the Valley that continued into Friday morning.

As of Friday, approximately 100 homes remained without power, APS spokeswoman Jenna Henry said. The outages were spread throughout the Valley, but most problems were concentrated in central Phoenix, Henry said. She said APS expects power to be restored later in the morning.

The most severe damage to power lines was reported at 24th Street and Thomas Road in Phoenix. Thursday night, about 1,200 homes went without power in downtown Phoenix. Power was restored to that area about 1 a.m. Friday morning, Henry said.

The outage spanned from McDowell Road to Thomas Road and from 19th Avenue to Central Avenue, Henry said.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department, numerous power lines were reported down across the Valley Thursday night.

Sky Harbor was closed shortly after 9:15 p.m., and no flights were allowed to land or depart, Sky Harbor spokesman Mike Set said. Set said winds were more than 50 mph.

The airport was reopened about 10 p.m., but only departures were allowed and only at the pilot's discretion. Arrivals were still not allowed to land. Set was not sure how many flights were affected.


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