October 10, 2008 Winter has arrived!

  As you can see by this graph Thursday October 9 was the last day of Summer. Of course if your from Arizona you know that summer ends when it starts dropping below 100°F. So Oct 9 was the last 100°F+ day in Phoenix.

Of course Winter began the next day on Friday Oct 10. I went to bed wearing 4 sweatshirts that night and I when I woke up on Sat it was pretty cool, although I didn't freeze to death.

On Sat, Oct 11 I went to bed wearing 6 sweatshirts and it was cold when I woke up Sunday morning.

On Sunday Oct 12 night I went to bed wearing 7 sweatshirts and my coat and it was COLD when I woke up on Monday morning.

Even though the temp went up the next day on Monday I went to bed wearing thermal underware on my legs because they were cold the night before!

Oct ??, 2008 Winter has arrived

Well the weather is getting a little better! Here is a diagram of lows and highs for the last few days.

October 4 thru 17, 2008

October 8 thru 21, 2008


October 23 - More Warm Weather

Well on Oct 10 I froze my butt off!!!! But warm weather has come back and it has been in the 90°F for a few days and it says it will stay that way till about Oct 25.

Man I hate COLD weather!

Here is the latest article from the Republic! Sweaty weather my *ss!!! It's damn nice weather!


Sweaty weather here for the week

by Meghan Walsh and Sarah Walters - Oct. 21, 2008 08:50 AM

The Arizona Republic and 12 News Weather Plus Meteorologist

Temperatures continue to be well above average for this time of year with Tuesday's high in the Valley expected to reach between 90 and 95 degrees.

There should be a light breeze in the afternoon and the lows will dip into the mid 60s. The average this late in October is 86 degrees, so the mercury is climbing almost 10 degrees above normal.

A high-pressure system moving through means warm days and dry conditions across the state. Yuma is expected to be the hottest area reaching a high of 97 degrees while Flagstaff will sit at a cool 68 degrees.

There will be a slight drop in temperatures throughout the workweek, but they will remain in the 90s. This weekend things should cool off a bit with highs in the upper 80s.

Nice weather on Trick or Treat Day too! 90°F+

This article says we should have nice weather on halloween and it will hit 90°F. Hell I will take a 90° day any day of the year over freezing cold 70° day!

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