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Scorpion Cave

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One of my camps I named Scorpion Cave and this is that camp!

Camp Scorpion Cave is just down the street from Scorpion Cave, which is a real cave with real scorpions in it.

The cave is at them most 6 or 7 feet long! Big stinking deal. But it is a cave. In the summer at night you can usually see at least one scorpion hanging out on the top of the cave. I guess they find food up there.

On the floor of the cave several scorpions live. There are small holes in the ground that look like their homes.

I bought a small ultra-violet flash light for $10, which has a LED that generates UV or ultra-violet light and that is how you can see the scorpions at night. You can barely see a scorpion when it is 6 or 7 feet away (2 meters). But when you get 5 or so feet away they are pretty easy to see and are an eerie purple glow.

I would love to buy one of those UV flashlights that has a florescent light tube and is powered by a D cell battery. That puppy will probably let me spot scorpions 20 or more feet away.

Most of the scorpions are 3 or 4 inches or smaller. Many are just an inch or so long. Although in the area once I saw a huge scorpion that must have been 10 inches long. It was huge.

The scorpions that live in the holes will usually run back into the hole when you shine the UV light on them. The scorpions in the open just sit there and do nothing when you shine the UV light on them. I guess they know running will do them no good.

From what I have read scorpion stings are just a little bit worse then a bee sting and not quite as bad as black widow bites.

Scorpion Cave Photos

Scorpion Cave from a distance -  p1040240.jpg

This is Scorpion Cave from a distance. Note the cool waterfall in front of it that is flooded when we get our summer monsoons.

Scorpion Cave close up - p1040243.jpg

This is Scorpion Cave close up. It is maybe 10 or 15 feet wide and 6 or so feet high at the outside. It is only 6 or 7 feet deep.

Scorpion Cave - a hole scorpions live in p1040247.jpg

This is one of the small holes the scorpions live in. This hole is maybe an inch wide, for those of you other then Americans that is about 2 and a half centimeters. When a scorpion is hanging out in his doorway and you shine a UV light on him the scorpion will run back inside the hole.

Scorpion Cave - another hole scorpions live in p1040248.jpg

This is another hole a scorpion lives in.

Scorpion Cave - this is where I live in Scropion Cave - p1040249.jpg

This is where I live. Under a tree a few hundred yards or meters down the road from Scorpion Cave. I call it Camp Scorpion Cave.

Scorpion Cave - another cave

This is another cave in the same wash. There are a whole bunch of these caves. Most of them are pretty small. Some of them are big enough to sleep in but not much bigger.

My Home in Camp Scorpion Cave

At last home, sweat home! My home is under that tree!

Scorpion Cave - home sweat home in Scorpion Cave - p1040249.jpg

The next 3 photos are inside of my home. I sleep in front of the rocks. I might start sleeping behind the rocks after I clear that area out. It is a better place to hide.

Scorpion Cave - I keep my stuff in this pile of rocks at Scropion Cave - p1040253.jpg

In this pile of rocks I keep stuff. Like my poncho for when it rains or any other stuff.

Scorpion Cave - Here is where I sleep in Scorpion Cave - p1040256.jpg

In this pile of rocks I keep stuff. Like my poncho for when it rains or any other stuff.

Scorpion Cave - I keep my stuff in this pile of rocks! - p1040260.jpg

I hide the cardboard I sleep on in the trees. Makes it harder for people to find them.

Scorpion Cave - I keep the cardboard I sleep on here - p1040263.jpg

The next two photos are taken from inside my home looking outside. The first is a pile of rocks I leave my glasses by when I fall asleep. That way I always remember where I put my glasses, and I donít roll over them while I sleep and destroy them. I will have to think a while for what the 2nd photo is. The rocks in the second photo at then entrance make it harder for people to see me when I am sleeping. The rocks also keep the sand in my home when it rains. The sand is much nicer to sleep on then rocks.

Scorpion Cave - p1040266.jpg

Scorpion Cave - p1040269.jpg

That tire is on the south side of my home. Its on the edge of the wash. Nice tire eh?

Scorpion Cave - tire - p1040278.jpg

This is another area just east of my home that I have slept in several times. I usually sleep there after it rains and it is too wet inside my home, or when it IS raining and there is a river running thru my home.

Scorpion Cave - another place I sleep - p1040283.jpg

This is a cave to the east of my home. There are a whole bunch of caves in the wash that I live in. I suspect other people have slept in them. I donít like sleeping in them. They might cave in. They seem to be made of mud and gravel. Also the scorpions like to come out at line and hang out on the bottom of the caves.

Scorpion Cave - p1040287.jpg

This sign is in an area that I might sleep in when I have to leave my homes I have just shown you. There are some trees nearby which would be good to sleep under.

Scorpion Cave area closed for wildlife and soil protection - p1040296.jpg

A walk to Scorpion Cave

Take a walk to Scorpion Cave.

Some great views from Scorpion Cave

Some great views.

Phoenix Gun Grabbers

No guns in the park!

All the Photos

All the images.

Scorpion Cave.

My home in Scorpion Cave



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