News Articles

  1. May 18, 2008 - Summer is here
  2. Your share of the National Debt is $191,000
  3. Tang Bombs????
  4. More news
  5. A dead body in Papago Park
  6. Sandstone Buttes in Papago Park
  7. July 10 storm
  8. 2 1/2 inches of rain in Tempe July 13
  9. Hit and run accident
  10. 95°F is the LOW today
  11. 2 dogs attack Phoenix worker
  12. October 10, 2009 - Winter arrives in Phoenix
  13. How many homeless people end up as mountain lion food?
  14. Halloween will have nice weather!
  15. Homeless in Ohio can list park bench as their home address!
  16. 5 homeless people murdered in Long Beach
  17. First time in 35 years no rain in September or October
  18. Nov 17 it hits 88°
  19. Dec 9 - Coldest day of this winter - 43°F
  20. 3 inches of snow in Las Vegas
  21. Homeless In Arizona 2009
  22. Dec 27, 2008 Freezing cold weather in Phoenix
  23. Worthless Arizona Cardinals go to Super Bowl Worthless Phoenix Cardinals go to Super Bowl
  24. 2008 marks 14th-wettest year for Valley
  25. Jan 22 - Record high min
  26. Water in the Salt River? That's something new!
  27. Indian Food!
  28. Indian Courts
  29. Santa Monica has 7 full time cops to shakedown homeless people
  30. Sheriff Joe Sucks!!!
  31. Thousands march against Sheriff Arpaio
  32. Phoenix Police shakedown homeless people
  33. Phoenix cops shakedown homeless people
  34. Homeland Security says homeless people are terrorists!
  35. American cops treat homeless people like vermin
  36. American cops treat homeless people like the Nazi cops treated Jews
  37. The old when will it 100F contest!
  38. 50 mph cause power outages across Valley
  39. Anti-tax tea parties all over the land!!!!!
  40. Anti-tax 'tea party' in Phoenix draws 5,000
  41. Gilbert 'TEA party' draws more than 1,000
  42. 100's apply for 60 burger flipping low pay jobs
  43. Marketing targets change in the Great Recession
  44. Gourmet no more: Food staples are in ad limelight
  45. Arrest in Scottsdale mail bombing
  46. Heat kills Alaskan kid on South Mountain
  47. Social Security Nightmare
  48. MOUNTAIN OF DEBT: Social Security crisis looms
  49. Running the printing presses at full speed: Social Security crisis looms
  50. Printing money by the truckload: Social Security crisis looms
  51. Dogs kill a man and woman in Georgia
  52. Gunman leaves $225,000 to university
  53. Smelly homeless people not allowed on buses in Hawaii
  54. Griffith Park Coyotes and Mountain Lions
  55. Sounds like how my dad treated me when I grew up!
  56. blown_up_building.html
  57. September 29 -Winter is back! Temps are dropping under 100°F and it is getting cold!
  58. I don't get it. How come you guys are losing the war in Afghanistan?
  59. High class meals for the homeless in Flagstaff
  60. Water makes you fat? Bath water makes you fat?
  61. You can gain weight by taking a bath?
  62. Phoenix makes it illegal for churchs to feed the homeless
  63. CrossRoads United Methodist Church in Phoenix loses appeal; can't feed homeless people

Homeless In Arizona