Homeless in Arizona 2009

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An index to Homeless in Arizona.

On Feb 22, 2003 I became homeless after I was evicted from my home. To start at the beginning of my trip go back to index.html

This page continues my journey as a homeless person after the year turned from 2008 to 2009.

Happy New Year!! 2009!!!

Assuming I am not killed by gun fire from some idiot shooting his gun off to celebrate New Years eve I will continue my "Homeless In Arizona" web page from here.

I should note that this new web page uses

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Pretty cool eh? How many other homeless people know how to use

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The American Police State Continues in 2009

The last Presidential elections are the first time in my life when I didn't vote for a Presidential candidate.

I didn't vote because I was too lazy to go to the polls or because I forgot to go to the polls. The police state has disenfranchised people who don't have birth certificates and the police state of Arizona didn't let me vote because I don't have a birth certificate.

Not that my vote would have matter in the election.

I certainly would not have voted for Senator McCain who is from my home state of Arizona. He just wants to create a bigger and better police state and continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even though he claims to be a free market guy, like President George W. Bush he is a socialist and voted for the $800 billion corporate welfare plan for the rich Wall Street brokers and bankers.

Nor would I have voted for Barack Obama. He is another socialist just like Senator John McCain. The socialist Senator Barack Obama also voted for the $800 billion corporate welfare plan for the rich Wall Street brokers and bankers.

Senator Barack Obama or soon to be President Senator Barack Obama says he is against the Iraq war, but that is a lie.

Barack Obama will end the Iraq war in 18 months. Why can't he end it in a month! That is the amount of time it took the American Empire to conquer Baghdad?

Barack Obama isn't really against war. Barack Obama plans to continue the stupid war against Afghanistan!

What the hell did Afghanistan do to the American Empire? I didn't see Afghanistan flags on the planes that slammed into the World Trade Center? I didn't hear the Afghanistan government declare war on the American Empire?

The bottom line is Barack Obama is just as bad as either George Bush or John McCain. They all want to have the American Empire continue to murder people in far off lands that have done nothing to harm to American people.

They all want to tax the krap out of the American people and give it to special interest groups. The only difference between Obama and McCain is who they plan to steal the money from, and who they plan to give the stolen money too. And there ain't much difference in either of their game plans because most of the people who will get the stolen money overlap!

The disgusting thing was this year even the Libertarian Party candidate for President, Bob Barr sucked!

Bob Barr supports the unconstitutional police state war on drugs. Hell Bob Barr is even against medical marijuana. As a Libertarian candidate he was a joke!

Even if Libertarian candidate Bob Barr sucked, I would have voted for him as a protest vote, if the police state government of Arizona had not revoked my right to vote because I don't have a birth certificate!

The founding fathers if they were here would be rising in revolution, because when citizens can't vote because they don't have the proper papers that is taxation with out representation.

Yes the year 2009 should be an interesting year!

Lets hope I don't get killed by gun fire on New Years eve and can continue my blog!!!

I was woken by huge explosions on New Years Day

I went to bed when I always do on Dec 31, and on exactly midnight I was woken by a number of huge explosions in Downtown Tempe i.e.: the Tempe Town Lake New Years Block Party. It sounded like George W. Bush and the tyrants of the American Empire had launched an invasion of Tempe. And hell I am at least 3 miles from downtown Tempe.

Luckily I want back to sleep on New Years morning with out any problems or I would have been real angry with the government nannies in Tempe for waking me up at midnight with their stupid fireworks celebrating the New Year.

And last but not least I didnít get killed by gunfire so my blog will continue.

Light rail a $1.4 billion boondoggle!

I got busted by the light rail narcs

On New Years day I decided to check out the new $1.4 billion light rail boondoggle which just started charging to ride on it. I was busted by the light rail narcs the first time I set foot on the train.

They have light rail cops or light rail narcs as I call them who randomly stop people who are on the train and make them prove they have paid their fare. I was stopped the first time I got on the train.

The light rail narc said ďDo you have a ticket?Ē I said ďyesĒ and didnít bother to show it to him, after all he didnít ask, and then I found a chair and sat down.

The light rail narc then proceeded to force the 2nd and last guy who stepped on the train to show him his ticket. After that the narc then came to me and demanded that I show him my ticket, which I did. I was carrying a tape recorder so I tape recorded my bust.

I suspect the new Phoenix light rail system will be a real police state if it started out like that. The light rail narcs will be writting tickets for minor incidents to shake down people for the $130 fines. I imagine the light rail narcs writting every sad sack they a $130 ticket because the person put their foot on a chair, or munched a candy bar they had in their pocket.

$1.4 billion and they didnít get one stinking restroom out of the deal

Another indication of the light rail police state is to use the restroom at the main Tempe Light Rail depot you need to get permission from a cop. You have to ask the cop at the information desk for permission to use the rest room and then the cop hits a buzzer to let you into the can. Is Tempe a police state or what? You need permission from a stinking cop to take a leek or poop.

And speaking of restrooms and the $1.4 billion light rail boondoggle we got screwed. The only restroom they built on the new 20 mile system is the one in the main Tempe Light Rail station! None of the other light rail stops have restrooms! Jesus for $1.4 billion you figure they could at least get a restroom at every light rail stop.

Iím profiled as a terrorist

I took my first light rail trip to the end of the line on the Mesa side. There were only 5 people on the light rail, me and another passenger, two light rail narcs, and the driver. So I got my choice of seat and sat right behind the driver.

It was kind of interesting watching the driver work the controls and navigate the train from the downtown Tempe light rail station to the first and only light rail station in Mesa at Sycamore and Main, which is just east of Dobson.

For the return trip the driver moves to the other end of the train and drives it from that end. Apparently this driver thought I was a terrorist. He refused to answer my questions when I asked him how things worked. He gave me some rubbish about it being secret or some other BS answer. I was tape recording my trip so here is a copy of the jerks words. Then the jerk to keep me from watching him pulled down some blinds to keep me from seeing into the driverís compartment. What a jerk. That also blocked my view of the light rail trip. Yes we certainly do live in a police state!

I use the john twice in a row with out being labeled a terrorist!

When the light rail train got back to Tempe I had to take a leak and wondered if the cop would let me use the restroom twice in a row with out being labeled a terrorist. Luckily the cop buzzed me into the restroom with out any incidents.

The train doesnít go where normal people go!

After lunch I came back and took a trip to the Phoenix end of the light rail systems which is at Montebello and 19th Avenue, just south of Bethany Home Road and across the street from the Christown Mall or Spectrum Mall as the newer idiots have tried to rename it.

The only good thing about the new $1.4 billion light rail boondoggle which more or less just replaces the Red Line Bus is that it gets you there twice as fast as the Red Line. Wow! I got to 19th Avenue and Bethany Home Road in about 50 minutes instead of the usual hour and a half it takes to go that far.

Of course according to Valley Metro figures on the Red Line Bus it costs them $5 to pay for the cost of one passenger trip. But on the light rail train it costs them $14 to pay for the cost of one passenger trip. But in both cases Valley Metro only charges people $1.25 for a trip.

You mean we spent $1.4 billion so I can get to Christown twice as fast? Big stinking deal.

The light rail as defined by the government nannies is kind of an oxymoron. It is supposed to be better, but instead of stopping at every block like buses do, it only stops at every half mile. But whoopee it gets you there faster.

I taped recorded this trip too. A woman who sat next to me gave me the perfect sound byte about light rail. She said something to the effect that ďthe people who designed the light rail systems didnít make it go where normal people want to goĒ. Thank you madam. That is my exact view of the stupid $1.4 billion light rail boondoggle.

Incident at Salam's Market & Deli in Tempe

Salam's Market & Deli and the Phoenica Cafe - Big supporters of George W. Bush?

Amnesty International is a group that mails letters world wide asking governments to free political prisoners. I decided to try to get Muntadar al-Zeidi or Muntadar al-Zaidi freed by asking the government of Iraq to free him.

Muntadar al-Zeidi or Muntadar al-Zaidi, I am not sure of the correct spelling of his name is the guy who threw his shoes at the American Emperor George W. Bush in Baghdad a few weeks ago.

I donít know the guys address, but I figure he must be a hero the Arab world. So I went by these two stores which are owned by the same person, Salam's Market & Deli and the Phoenicia Cafť. They are both in Tempe at:

616 Forest Ave
north of 7th Street on Forest Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85281
I asked them if they could point me off in a direction that I could locate the guys address and send him a thank you letter along with sending the government a letter asking that he be pardoned and released.

The guy who owns them must be a huge fan of the American President George W. Bush because he threw me out of his store. Here is more on that incident.  

Some Laws I would like to see passed

  Here are a few laws I would like passed to make the world a better place to live and to make government rulers accountable for their actions, and to prevent our government masters from micromanaging our lives.

This is just wishful thinking on my part, with the assumption that we are going to have government forced on us.

In reality I am a Libertarian Anarchist and I don't think any government should be allowed to rule over you, unless you give that government consent to rule over you.

And of course if you give a government consent to rule over you, you should always have the option of revoking that consent

Free Christmas Burrito

Cool the lady who runs Filibertos gave me a free burrito for Christmas and New Years!

Sat, Jan 3 the Quadrantid meteor shower

I looked for meteors at 4 am and saw none. I looked for meteors at 5 am and saw none. I forgot to look for meters at 6 am and of course I saw none. But after I ate my chorizo burrito at Filibertos I did look out the window to the northwest at about 6:30 a.m. and I think I saw 4 or 5 meteors.

The ones I saw were very short. They crossed no more then an inch on my glasses. Also I saw them all within a minute or two.

Last year was real rainy

This article says that 2008 was marks 14th-wettest year in the history of Phoenix! We had 9.58 inches of rain. The adverage in Phoenix is 7 inches.

Wow it's colder in the South then it is in Alaska. Or hace mucho frio en el sur as they say in Spanish. And I have the gall to complain that it is freezing cold when it hits 60°F in Phoenix.

Screwed by the government in Chandler!

They turned off the phone during a job interview

One government office in Chandler will no longer let me use their phone because I am a homeless person. But they will let anybody else use the phone. I used to use the phone to set up job interviews.

Around Thursday, Jan 15 I had an interview and they turned off the phone from a back room to shut down my interview because I was on the phone too long. OK I broke the rules but there wasnít anybody waiting in line to use the phone.

Then the next day around Friday, Jan 16 they changed the sign above the phone from saying ďPlease limit calls to 5 minutesĒ to ďFor emergency use only", which I suspect really means ďHomeless people are not allowed to use this phone"

Instead of turning off the phone and ruining my chance for an interview they could have asked me to finish up my call. But hey itís more fun to prevent homeless people from getting a job!

They did the same thing to keep homeless people from using the computers on Wed May 12 when Obama came to talk at ASU. See one hour computer use.

They could have killed me

The Serial Shooters could have killed me!!!! I was in the area! Oh well, at least it wasn't the government using my tax dollars to make life hard for me like they just did in Chandler!

Sour Oranges are good to eat

I stayed at a friendís house over this weekend and I ate a couple sour oranges off his tree. They are pretty tasty even thought they are sour. It takes a couple bites to get over the sour taste, but once you get used to it they are petty good.

I also ate the sour oranges and covered them with hot sauce or chilli as I call it. When you cover them with chilli you canít even taste the sour flavor and they are very tasty. Mmmm, sour oranges are great.

My friend and several other people called them ornamental oranges instead of sour oranges. Either way they are great to eat.

Republic raises daily price to 75¢

Arizona Cardinals accidentally go to Super Bowl
I have know it was coming but on Jan 19, the Arizona Republic raised itís price of the daily newspaper from 50 cents to 75 cents. I am kind of pissed because that will cost me a dollar and a half more each week. But big stinking deal, at least I will not be forced to pay it like I am forced to pay for tax increases, when the government thinks it isnít stealing enough of your money and they raise taxes so they can steal more of your money.
Lousy, losing Arizona Cardinals accidentally go to Super Bowl
I have always hated the Phoenix Cardinals or the Arizona Cardinals from the time they came from St Louis and moved to Arizona. I donít hate them because they are one of the worst stinking football teams in the world. I hate them because they came to Phoenix and expect to suck the tit of government welfare and expect the government to steal money from me and give it to them to pay their overpriced and under performing players and managers.

First we gave them corporate welfare to play football at the ASU stadium and the royal rulers of Tempe gave them corporate welfare in the form of a practice field in south Tempe. And of course the city of Glendale gave them a boatload of corporate welfare when they build the latest stadium for them in Glendale.

Back then the joke was if the St Louis Cardinals came to Phoenix our goofy governor Ev Mecham, who had been indicted on criminal charge, and was being recalled and impeached all at the same time had to go to St Louis in exchange for them bringing their lousy football team to Arizona. Of course that never happened.

A large number of teams in the professional football world are just corporate write offs to have a good time. A company like Budweiser has a team that loses money, but makes it up by getting free advertising.

Bill Bidwells Arizona Cardinals are actually a business that makes Bill Bidwell money. It ainít a write off for advertising.

And of course that is why the team is so lousy on the playing field. Bill Bidwell invests as little money as possible in the team so it can make him the most money possible. As a business owner I can agree with that. But what I hate about the Phoenix Cardinals is that Bill Bidwell expects the government to steal money from me and give it to Bill Bidwell. Screw that!

The Phoenix Cardinals or Arizona Cardinals are a joke to the people of Phoenix. They are world class losers! And most folks in Phoenix would prefer that Bill Bidwell move his worthless team of losers to some other part of the country and make that part of the country look bad.

Of course we in Phoenix see it as an amazing joke that the worst team in professional football is going to the Super Bowl. What a joke. I hope the Cardinals lose in the Super Bowl like they lose all their other football games.

The only thing I like about the Arizona Cardinals is that they no longer play in Tempe and cause huge traffic jams on Sunday in downtown Tempe. The Arizona Cardinals suck and I am glad they moved to Glendale and cause traffic jams there for the morons who show up at their games to watch them lose.

We Have a New Master!

Itís 10 am, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 in Phoenix, which means it is 12 noon in Washington D.C. and Barick Obama has become the new Emperor of the American Empire.

A lot of people are glad he is president and I do think he is a lot less evil them the tyrant George W. Bush. But he is still our master and we are still his slaves and I donít like being a slave.

A lot of people disagree with me and call him a public servant. But I donít see it that way. Servants donít steal your money and force you to pay taxes. Servants donít boss you around and micro-manage your life. And of course as President Obama Barick will be stealing my money and micro-managing my life, so I call it as I see it. He is our master and we are his slaves!

The one thing that impresses me about Barick Obama is that he is a master of shoveling the BS. Right now he is on TV shoveling the BS in the background. And in fact he is giving us the usual BS that we are the master and he is the servant. I am sure quite a few Americans actually believe that BS, when in reality he is the master and we are the servants.

Rain - Again

It rained again Wed night, Jan 22 or Thur morning Jan 23, I don't know which or if it was both.

The weather was really warm so I didn't sleep with my cardboard blanket. I woked up in the middle of the night and it was a light rain. It wasn't soaking me or anything. Part of the cardboard I was lying on was soaked near one edge.

I just rolled up the cardboard around me to keep from getting wet and went back to sleep.

Yesterday it was a record high minimun temp you can read about it in this articles.

In the daytime in Phoenix it get real hot because we don't have clouds. With out any clouds in the sky that allows the ground to heat up.

On the other hand we have cool nights because with out any clouds it means lots of the daytime heat will escape back into space.

So a 30°F change in tempature is not unusuall. If its 110°F in the daytime a night time low of 80°F is not unusual.

Same in the winter. Now the lows have been 40°F, so a 70°F high is not unusuall. Although I think in the winter there is less of a range, because lately the lows have been around 45°F and the highs 65°F which is only 20°F difference.

But when clouds do come in it will force the low temp to be much higher then it usuall is, which is what happened yesterday. And of course if the clouds come in the daytime the high will lower then it usually is.

I have seen the planet Venus every night for the last 3 months

I guess planets are visible a lot more often then most people think. Just about every night for the last 3 months or so I have seen the planet Venus in the western sky.

For a while there was Venus and Jupiter together in the sky.

I notice Venus because it looks like a very bright star and is always in the same place every night.

Well Venus starts out at maybe being seen at a 45 degree angle. Then as a few hours go by it slowly sets into the western horizion, just like the sun or moon sets.

If you draw a dot in the center as the sun. Then draw two circles around the dot which are the orbits of Venus and the Earth.

Then on the earth orbit draw a circle that represents Earth.

Now on the side of the Earth circle that is away from the Sun is the only area that you can see the planet Venus. That is because if the Sun was near Venus, then the Sun would be so bright that Venus would be impossible to see.

Anyhow an end to my ramblings about viewing Venus everynight.

But I wonder is is possible to see Mars or Mercury every night?

C O P W A T C H Amy is back in town

Bicycle clinics in Tempe and Phoenix

The bus driver was talking to some lady who was a bicycle freak. She mentioned that there are two bicycle clinics where you can work free on your bicycles. One is in Phoenix near
4th Street and Garfield Street
the other is in Tempe just
south of University on Roosevelt
She said you have to work there and help them fix stuff. She said they pay you $8 an hour, not in real money but in credits you can use either to work on your bike or buy parts for your bike. She said they have real cheap bike parts there too. The Tempe location is better and has more tools and stuff.

She was pretty smart about bicycles because I told her how my pedals slip, like a clutch slips, and she said that was probably the derailleur, and that you could fix it pretty easy by adjusting a few screws.

We ended up talking about Critical Mass and she said they are not in any way related to the bicycle clinics, but some of the Critical Mass people use the clinic.

Of courts that led to C O P W A T C H. I told her C O P W A T C H members Drew and Kate ripped me off for $100 on my mailbox and that Drew, Kate, and Eric stole my mail too.

Of course that led to talking about Amy. She said that Amy is now in Phoenix again, after living in San Francisco for a while. She said Amy either works at the clinic or something in that area. The only difference was she said Amy has blond hair. Probably the same Amy because she said Amy lived in Mesa and San Francisco.

Of course that led up to Food Not Bombs and the Tribe. Both of them are still doing their thing.

Jan 27 - end of warm weather

For a few days the weather was rather warm. I got up to 80° one day. But what really affects me is the nighttime low, because that determines how cold I will be. And the nighttime lows got pretty high. I think maybe in the 50°.

But on Monday night some cold weather blew in and we are back to our normal lows. Which means when I wear sandals in the morning my toes freeze, that is after I dump all my night clothing. My night clothing is 4 pairs of sox, 5 pairs of thermal underwear bottoms, 5 pairs of thermal underwear tops, 6 sweatshirts, and pair of ski or hunting gloves along with my coat.

I'm sick! I got the flu!

I am kind of pissed. On Monday I got the flu. It was bad Monday, worse on Tuesday, and it sucks Wednesday as I write this. I feel like krap! And I am pissed off because the cold weather is back again! If I am going to be sick it would at least be nice if it was also warm weather.

Obama sucks too!

Of course during the Presidential election I knew that Obama was just as bad as McCain. With McCain its four more years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with lots of taxing and spending, after all didnít McCain vote for the $700 billion bailout for the rich Wall Street bankers just like Obama did?

Of course Obama isnít any better. Yea, sure he is going to end the war in Iraq in 18 months, big stinking deal! End it now you idiot! We conquered Iraq in 4 weeks and could pull out in 4 weeks! Itís the only ethical moral thing to do! And he is going to increase the war in Afghanistan, geeze! That is just as bad as McCain. Maybe we should call Obama Ė McSame, after all he ainít much different then McCain.

Last but not least Obama naively thinks he can solve the recession. He wants to steal another $800 billion of our money to give to rich corporations who are going bankrupt because they are spending their money like drunken sailors.

I have news for Obama, it is guaranteed that they will squander away and waste the taxpayerís money just like they wasted away their stockholders money.

Of course from my Libertarian perspective governments donít solve problems like the recession, in fact they probably caused it.

The bottom line is governments only steal money from one person and give the stolen loot to another person. Exactly what Obama is planning on doing. Stealing our money and giving it out as corporate welfare. Of course he probably wonít steal it from us directly as taxes. He will indirectly steal the money from us by running the printing presses, which will devalue the dollar and make it worth less.

Jan 29 - Woke up at 4 am by music

I have had the stinking flu for the last few days and have been waking up in the middle of the morning feeling just sick.

Today I woke up at 3am again and went back to sleep.

Then at 4 am I was woken up by music. A weird kind of Moody Blues classical music that somebody was playing. I didn't know if it was narcs who were coming to arrest me, or if it was just some weirdo guy who decided to get up at 4 am and listen to classical music that sounds like the Moody Blues.

I got up and left and went to another camp where I tried to sleep.

Sat Jan 31 - Same thing today. I woke up at 4 am to the sound of music. We got somebody who likes to come here early and play music.

I seem to be feeling better even though I have the flu. But I am now spitting up flem and blowing snot out of my nose. I hope I am not getting worse!

Super Bowl Madness
Super Bowl Madness

Super Bowl Madness

Super Bowl Madness

Super Bowl Madness

Arizona Cardinals Suck! They are Parasites!

I hate the Arizona Cardinals, they suck!

Well I really donít hate them because they are the worst team and the NFL and because they are a bunch of creeps who couldnít win a game if it was rigged.

I hate them because the only reason they moved to Phoenix, other them the sunshine was because they wanted corporate welfare from the government. That means Bill Bidwell asks the government of the State of Arizona, Maricopa County, the city of Tempe, the city of Phoenix, and the city of Glendale to put a gun to my head and steal money from me and give it to his lousy losing football business.

So I donít hate the Arizona Cardinals because they are a bunch of losers, which they are, I hate the Arizona Cardinals because they know how government works, and because they are using government to steal money from me and put it into their pockets!

The first form of corporate welfare Bill Bidwellís gang of welfare parasites got was the use of Sun Devil Stadium at a cut rate price. Of course us tax payers had to foot the real cost of the bill.

In addition to be forced to give Bill Bidwell my money I also had to put up with the traffic jams and other messes his stupid losing football team the Arizona Cardinals caused every Sunday in Tempe.

The second form of corporate welfare Bill Bidwellís gang of welfare parasites got was a sweetheart deal from the city of Tempe to build a train camp in south Tempe with my tax dollars. I suppose the Tempe city council members received lots of campaign contributions from Bill Bidwell and his Arizona Cardinals, but I am the guy who got screwed and had to pay the bill.

The third form of corporate welfare Bill Bidwellís gang of welfare parasites got was a sweetheart deal from the city of Glendale to build a new football stadium in Glendale. I suppose the Glendale city council members received lots of campaign contributions from Bill Bidwell and his Arizona Cardinals, but the taxpayers of Glendale who got screwed and had to pay the bill.

Even though the citizens of Glendale also got screwed because now they have to put up with all the traffic jams and messes the Arizona Cardinals cause on game days, I was kind of glad about it because in Tempe we no longer have to put up with that nonsense! Thank God the Arizona Cardinals move out of Tempe to Glendale! They suck! They are a bunch of losers! And worse then anything else they are a bunch of parasites who use the government to steal money from me and give it to them.

Most of the teams in professional football are just write offs for big corporations. They donít need to make money because they are used for advertising. For example I think the Budweiser Brewing Company owns one of the franchises. While it probably loses money it is worth in it the advertising it generates for Budweiser Beer.

Bill Bidwells Arizona Cardinals is one of the few professional football teams that are actually a business that is used to make money. And of course that is how Bill Bidwell makes his money, off of the Arizona Cardinals.

And that is why Bill Bidwellís Arizona Cardinals are a bunch of losers. He cuts costs to keep the level of income up.

I donít have a problem with that, itís a private business and Bill Bidwell can run it however he wants to!

The problem I do have with the Arizona Cardinals is they are like a welfare mom and they use the government to steal my money and give it to them in the form of corporate welfare. If the government wasnít doing it we would call this stealing.

But since the government is doing it we just say city council members, Maricopa County supervisors, and Arizona house and senate members receive campaign contributions in exchange for giving millions of dollars to a multimillion dollar professional football team that canít make it with out corporate welfare.

But I can feel sorry for the welfare mom who needs a few bucks from the government to make ends meet, but I certainly donít feel sorry for a multi-million dollar football team like Bill Bidwellís Arizona Cardinals asking the government to give them a few hundred million of my tax dollars so they can make ends meet!

Super Bowl XLIII - Super Bowl 43 - Party Time!

It is amazing; in Arizona the Cardinals are a big stinking joke! They have the reputation of being the biggest losers in the worlds. Even when they are about to accidentally win a game they have the ability to pull defeat from the jaws of victory. They are truly losers!

The odd thing is how the locals can support these losers, now that they are in the Super Bowl. I think I have the reason! People want to party, and the lousy stinking Arizona Cardinals give them an excuse to.

Hell I hate the Arizona Cardinals, but if you want to invite me over to you home to party and watch the Super Bowl on TV, drink beer and eat tasty appetizers I will gladly show up at your home for the game day party.

Will I root for the Arizona Cardinals? Do I hope the Arizona Cardinals will win the Super Bowl? Hell no! They are a bunch of stinking losers! I donít want them to win the stinking Super Bowl. It will just give them an excuse to ask the government to steal more of my money and give it to Bill Bidwell in the form of corporate welfare for his stinking Arizona Cardinals!

Super Bowl commercials are great!

I love watching the Super Bowl! Even though I think football stinks as a game the commercials are great! Our local Phoenix company, Go Daddy always has a censored Super Bowl commercial with a hot babe it! And even the non sexist Super Bowl commercials are of fantastic quality, even if they are pushing beer, soap or paper towels they are really amusing to watch.

So even though I hate the Arizona Cardinals you can always expect me to show up at the Super Bowl party youíre putting on.

Super Bowl, Christmas, whatís the difference?

I am the same way about Christmas. I am an atheist, and of course to me the Christian god Jesus is just another mythical god like Zeus, Allah, Ganesh, Thor, Venus or Buddha that I donít believe in. But that doesnít stop me from attending Christmas parties. Hell some of my atheist friends put on great Christmas parties. Of course we donít call them ďChristmas PartiesĒ, we call them ďSolstice PartiesĒ.

We call them Solstice Parties because most of the early religions had there parties on the Solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. That is the reason the Christians picked December 25 to celebrate the birth date of their imaginary god.

The government stole my home during the Tempe Super Bowl

When the first Super Bowl came to Tempe I was all excited about it and planned to attend. Well I didnít plan to attend because their prices would be so high I couldnít afford to pay them. But I did plan to ride my bike from my Tempe home to Sun Devil Stadium at ASU and watch the crowd.

Well that was before the city of Tempe seized my home for messy yard violations.

I was never arrested on criminal charges of messy yard violations.

Nor was I ever served with any paper ordering me to appear in the Tempe court on civil charges of ďmessy yard crimesĒ.

But that didnít prevent the city of Tempe from seizing my home and every thing I owned for messy yard crimes. And in fact that is the reason I am homeless today. The city of Tempe seized my home for messy yard crimes.

When the Tempe Messy Yard crime laws were first created the ACLU said they were unconstitutional for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that the Tempe messy laws make it both a criminal offense and a civil offense for messy yard crimes. That way the city of Tempe can prosecute you for criminal crimes in a criminal court and put you in jail for having a messy yard. And the city of Tempe can sue you for civil messy yard violations in a civil court and seize your home and everything you own for not mowing your lawn and other trivial messy yard crimes.

One other reason the Tempe messy yards are unconstitutional is they are selectively enforced. The city of Tempe only enforced them when your neighbor snitches on you. The city of Tempe ignores all other messy yard crime that have not been reported.

The Tempe messy yard cops loved to terrorize my home and visited it almost every week writing me up for every trivial messy yard violation they found.

While they never bothered to write homes tickets that were two blocks away with the same messy yard violations.

Needless to say I didnít get to hang out in Tempe during the first Super Bowl!

And last but not least Congressman Harry Mitchell is the person responsible for the City of Tempe seizing my home. Congressman Harry Mitchell, was then Tempe Mayor Harry Mitchell who drew up and passed all the unconstitutional Tempe messy yard laws.

My Mouse Froze Up!

As I was writing the blurb on the Super Bowl, or the Super Tazůn as the Mexicans call it, my mouse froze up and blew me out of the water!

I was able to log off using the TAB keys, instead of the mouse. After doing that I told the librarian that my mouse was defective.

She told me wrong, the USB port was defective, not just on my computer but on all the computers in the library!

She told me, that her techies told her, that the USB ports are placed too close to the power supply on the computers in the library. That causes a static charge to build up on the USB port.

In the case of a USB port being used for a mouse that causes the mouse to lock up.

She said this charge build up on the USB port can generate an error message that says

Power Surge on Hub Port

A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port.
For assistance in solving thisproblem, click this message.

That happened to me once when I was using a thumb drive on the computer. I thought their computer fried my thumb drive. But in the end my thumb drive was not damaged. And as an afterthought I think it was caused by the same thing that caused my mouse to lock up today, a static charge building up on the USB port.

She said this error is fairly common in the library. In fact earlier today I tried to use a different computer and could not because the mouse was not working. I thought the mouse was defective. But in the end the error was caused by a static charge build up on the computers USB port, which the mouse was hooked up to. After she turned off the computer and let it sit for 5 minutes the mouse worked again.

Geeze you learn new techie stuff all the time!

Cardinals - Super Losers

The Arizona Cardinals have been losers ever since they arrived in Arizona. They were mostly in search of sunshine and corporate welfare i.e.: government handouts from the state of Arizona. The certainly didnít come to Phoenix to win any games.

So did you expect them to win the Super Bowl? Hell no! They are long time losers.

Read about the Super Bowl.

Water in the Salt River?

Oh No! If there is water in the Salt River I can't sleep there!!!!

Sat/Sun Feb 7/8 - I got rained on

It rained at least 3 times while I was sleeping and I woke up with rain drops banging on my cardboard blanket.

When I sleep I wrap myself in a large piece of cardboard that I use as a blanket. Because of this I didn't get wet.

I sleep on a sheet of cardboard and that did get pretty soaked.

Also since I got my new raincoat and pants I have not been afraid of the rain like I used to be.

Now I know that no matter how hard it rains I can just stand up in the rain and I won't get wet because of my new raincoat and pants.

More rain forcast for Monday and Tuesday.

The recession or depression really sucks!

Usually after Jan 1 the computer job market picks up. But this year it really sucks and actually seems to be getting worse.

Last week in the Arizona Republic there were something like 3 ads for computer jobs in the Sunday classified ads. This week there are zero ads for computer geeks in the Sunday classified ads.

Also the response to Craigís list ads also sucks. Nothing

Storm 2 - Mon/Tue Feb 9/10 - I got rained on again

The cardboard I sleep on was soaked so I didn't use it for this storm. The cardboard I use for a blanket was half soaked from the last storm, but not that bad.

When it started raining too heavy for me I walked to a ramada and stayed there. I was planning on just rolling up in my cardboard blanket and sleeping in the rain. But the blanket was too wet and I didn't do that.

When it stopped raining I went back to the place I sleep at. There I used my half soaked cardboard as a blanket and slept the rest of the night.

My gloves where soaked so my hand were freezing. My feet were also soaked and freezing. The last pair of shoes I bought at Wal-Mart fell apart, and I have not returned them yet. So my current shoes are ragged and full of holes, which is why my feet and socks got soaking wet.

Also some water got into my pants from the rain but not too much, so I was not a happy camper.

I hate RAIN!

I need to get a new bus ticket for tomorrow and I hope the lady bus driver doesnt rip me off!

Phases of the Moon!

I have been learing about the phases of the moon and how they relate to the position of the earth and sun. It is pretty cool. I will have to observe the condition of the moon every night. Some words, full moon, new moon, waxing moon, waning moon.

We all know what a full moon is. But I didn't know that a full moon is when the earth is between the moon and the sun.

A new moon is exactly the oppsite of a full moon. The moon is between the earth and the sun.

Of course that means you can't see the moon, or you can just see the out line of the moon.

A waxing moon is when the moon is going from a new moon to a full moon and getting bigger in size each night.

A waning moon is when the moon is going from a full moon to a new moon and getting smaller in size every night.

Feb 11 - Cold weather is back

For a while it almost seemed like summer was here. But cold weather is back. Today and yesterday I had to wear a coat in the daytime. On the weekend it might even drop into the 30°F's. Cold weather sucks!

Free bus passes

Valley Metro really got screwed when they bought 10,000 new cash box computers for their buses. They probably spent at least $10,000,000 buying a 1,000 or so computer for all their buses.

As I was going home last night I was talking about how screwed up the computerer were with the bus drive and he showed me a cute trick.

He ripped out a piece of paper about the size of a business card, hit a few keys on the control panel of the computer and then shoved the piece of paper into the opening of the fare box that accepts dollar bills and bingo - out pops an all day pass which he bought with a worthless piece of paper.

Man I knew those Valley Metro fare computers were pieces of krap, but I didn't know they sucked that bad!

Bus drivers often let people ride for free because the new computers take so longggggg for the people to deposit the cash, and it makes drivers late.

And when the driver is late he doesn't get to take his break. So a driver will let people ride for free instead of miss his break.

The old computers had a bowl and you threw your coins into the bowl and it counted the money for the driver. So you could throw a roll of pennies in the bowl and it would be counted instantly.

The new computer require you to shove each and every coin thru a quarter sized slot. And that takes a lot of time. Shoving a roll of pennies could take a minute or two.

Also the new computers also sometimes reject coins. Who knows why but they just refuse some coins.

The new computers also verify each and dollar bill inserted into the machine. And they often reject the bills. And if you have to shove the same dollar bill in the machine 5 times that takes more time.

The old fare boxes didn't verify bill you stuck in. They just collected the money. And let the human driver verify if the bill was good, or if the bill was a blank worthless piece of paper. And that was much faster.

Sometimes the new computer accepts part of your money but refuses the rest.

I have seen some drivers tell people tought krap. I got part of your money and I am not going to give it back (because they can't) and I am not going to give you an all day pass (because they can't).

If a private business operated that way they would be thrown in jail for fraud. But then the government, or in this case Valley Metro, which is a agency created by a number of governments in Maricopa County and they don't think twice about stealing peoples money.

Wheelchair Accident

When I am on my bike I always avoid wheelchairs and scooters. They are bigger and the electric ones are faster then me, and more importantly in an accident with me the steel wheelchair will win. So I always give them the right of way even if they donít have it. Or I will drive around them.

This accident was kind of scary. A motorized scooter was going north on Mill and a bunch of Tempe High kids were going south on Mill.

The guy on the wheelchair pulled to the right side of the sidewalk to let the kids thru on the left.

But at that point there is a utility box of some type and it seems like the scooters right wheel went up on the curb of the utility box and I am guessing that caused the guy to flip over onto the sidewalk.

I was in back of the guy because I didnít want to pass him and I saw the whole thing.

I never get involved with people so I kind of motioned to the kids that the guy had a problem. They saw it and went to help the guy.

At first they tried to lift the guy up, but that didnít work because if you lift the guy up youíre not lifting the wheelchair up. So they ended up lifting both the guy up and the wheelchair up and got him back, right side up.

Next they gathered a few things up that he dropped in the crash when he flipped over.

They asked him if he was OK. He seemed to be retarded or something and could not talk like normal people. All he did was make a bunch of grunt sounds. So who I didnít know if he was OK, or if he was hurt. I just knew he was making grunt sounds. Maybe he was grunting that he was OK, maybe he was grunting that he was hurt, I donít know!

I made an OK sign at him with my hand figuring if he did an OK sign back that would mean he was OK. He didnít make any signs back.

Some guy who was in a car and saw the crash, or maybe just saw the guy on the ground pulled over to help. He said something about calling 911. Of course with me the last thing in the world you want to do is get the cops involved. Remember Mario in Mesa, his parents called the cops to help him and they killed Mario.

I left and about when I got to Wendyís I heard sirens and stuff and saw an ambulance going in that direction. I figured it was to help the guy. Lucky I didnít see any cops. At least the poor guy wonít be shot for crashing his scooter.

Indian Food and Courts

Maybe I should think twice about moving to India! Their food is a lot better then American food. I would love to move to the state of Punjabi and eat hot spicy food for all my meals.

And most of the Indian people I know are happy when they find out I am an atheist, probably because they don't have to worry about me trying to convert them to Christianity.

And of course that "cast" thing keeps them from trying to convert me to Hinduism.

But according to this article if I got busted for jay walking I could spend the rest of my life in jail waiting to go to court!

Emperor Obama comes to Phoenix - Feb 18, 2009

Emperor Obama came to Phoenix today. By the way President Obama was treated I think I am justified in calling him Emperor Obama. I should say he wasnít treated one bit different then Emperor George W. Bush was when he came to Phoenix. So in reality we have a new President, but nothing really changed.

Here are some news articles on the visit.

Only government planes are allowed within 12 miles of Emperor Obama. Private pilots are forbidden from loitering within 30 miles of Emperor Obama. Parachuting, hang gliders, hot-air balloons, model aircraft and rockets and unmanned aircraft systems are forbidden within the 30-mile radius of Emperor Obama. Sure sounds like President Obama is Emperor Obama.

And of course on the ground Emperor Obama has to use the freeways like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us when Emperor Obama gets on the freeway he gets the freeway for himself and they kick us peons and serfs off of the road. Public property my *ss, it is the Emperors property.

President Obama, Emperor Obama, or whatever you want to call him spoke at Dobson High School in Mesa. It is on Guadalupe Road between Alma School Road and Dobson Roads.

They only gave out 600 or so tickets for the event. I wonder why he flew all the way from Washington D.C. to Phoenix, Arizona if he was only going to let 600 people listen to his little talk. The newspapers said for ďpolitical reasonsĒ. He is hitting states that were close battlegrounds in the last election, planning for the 2012 election. Of course that means our tax dollars are paying to help him get re-elected in 2012.

Donít look at me as a whining Republican, Iím not. Iím not a Republican, Iím not a Democrat, Iím not a Green, Iím not a Socialist, Iím not a Communist. I am a Libertarian and I really donít think Obama is any better or worse then McCain. They are both just as bad to me. In fact the Libertarian candidate in the last Presidential election sucked the big one too. Libertarian Bob Barr, or I should say want to be Libertarian was just as bad as Obama and McCain.

80°F heat wave?

Give me a stinking break! In this article in the Republic they say we are going to have a stinking 80°F heat wave in February. 80 stinking degrees is NOT a heat wave. A heat wave is a whole bunch of days over 115°F, not a few stinking days where the temps pop over 80°F.

Blame the government for the recession!

I went to an interesting meeting where Economist, Dr. Stephen Happel talked about the current recession. Of course he blamed it all on the government. First because the government is running the printing presses and printing tons of money. Also because the government is messing around with the mortgage market and allowing a lot of people to buy homes who would not be otherwise qualified to buy homes. And the government is also doing the same thing in the credit market, letting a lot of people get credit who are not qualified to get it.

Are the governments current billion dollar bailouts going to fix things? He says of course not. The billion dollar bailouts will make things worse.

Our money isn't backed by gold, silver or anything?

At the beginning of his talk he said that one of the most important functions of government is to create a stable money supply. For that matter, that is the only thing he said that government should do.

At the end of the meeting I told him that up till 1933 our money supply was backed by gold. And that up till the beginning of the 1970ís the money was kind of sort of backed up by silver. Which means our money is fiat money and pretty much worthless because it is not backed up by anything. I asked him for comments on that.

He dodged the question and said answered it wrong by saying something like our money is valuable because our government says it is good. You would figure a smart ASU professor would know the answer and admit that effectively our money is worthless. But he was clueless to that.

He isn't a socialist anymore!

He admitted he was a socialist at the beginning of his career and thought that the government could solve our problems by tweaking the economy. But he said he found the light and was now a free market guy and knew there was no such thing as a free lunch. I doubt that he is a Libertarian or an anarchist like me. He seemed to still have a little faith in the government, although not much.

But he really is socialist

Of course he says he is a free market guy. But where is his pay check coming from? The government, ASU, Arizona State University. They are stealing my money and giving it to him to pay his salary. So he is a socialist!

Our children will pay off the national debt?

He also mentioned the fictional concept that the American politicians and government rulers are passing our debt on to future generations.

Your share of the national debt is $30,000

I was going to tell him that with the current national debt at $10 trillion that is about $30,000 for every man, woman and child in the USA. Which means a family of four doesnít know it but they owe $120,000 toward the national debt, which is the same as the cost of a small home.

Your share of the total debt is $120,000

And if you include things like Social Security, Medicaid and promises by the Federal government that the debt increases by a factor of four to about $120,000 for every man, woman and child in the USA. Which means that a family of four doesnít know it but their share of the debt needed to pay this off is about $480,000, which is the cost of a nice home.

Now most families of four donít have the ability to pay off their $120,000 share of the national debt, or their $480,000 share of the total US debt in cash, they would have to take out a mortgage over 20 or 30 years to pay for it, with payments of several hundred dollars each month.

The National Debt ain't going to ever be paid off

Of course if Congress plans to every pay off the national debt that is what they will have to do. Hit up the American public for HUGE tax increases for many YEARS. Which is why Congress will NEVER pay off the national debt. If Congress told the American public how much it will cost to pay off the debt we would revolt and string the members of Congress up on light poles.

Which is why I said the concept of passing the national debt to future generations is fictional. It wonít happen. The printing presses will run and effectively the American public will pay the debt thru increased inflation caused by the government running the printing presses and printing tons of worthless money.

But time ran out and I didnít have time to ask that question.

Gee I bet you didnít think a homeless person knew that much about the economy or government?

Because of the guys talk I did a page with a blurb on the National Debt and on Money!

And while we are talking about this we can also talk about the Social Security mess which is related!

Goodby Venus, see you in March of 2010

For the last 4 months or so I have been watching Venus every night in the sky. It is pretty much is in the west sky when I go to bed. It looks like a very bright star.

Usually I read about the planets in the newspaper and then look for them in the sky after finding they are visible. But in this case I discovered Venus by accident when I saw it. Since it was such a bright star I figured it must be a planet and probably Venus.

The newspaper says Venus will be gone till Spring of 2010. [They lied! It came back this summer]

I could have this wrong. But I suspect that Earth is on one side of the sun, Venus is on the other side of the sun. And of course the sun is in the middle between Earth and Venus.

With that in mind Venus is visible all day from the Earth and just a little bit after dark and in the morning before sunrise. Of course in the daytime you canít see Venus because the sun is too bright. But just after sunset you can see Venus like I do every night. And I suspect you can also see Venus in the morning before sunrise [you can Venus is also called the Morning Star for that reason].

Venus 'overtakes' the Earth every 584 days as it orbits the Sun. As it does so, it goes from being the 'Evening star', visible after sunset, to being the 'Morning star', visible before sunrise.

As it moves around its orbit, Venus displays phases in a telescopic view like those of the Moon: In the phases of Venus the planet presents a small "full" image when it is on the opposite side of the Sun. It shows a larger "quarter phase" when it is at its maximum elongations from the Sun. Venus is at its brightest in the night sky and presents a much larger "thin crescent" in telescopic views as it comes around to the near side between the Earth and the Sun. Venus is at its largest and presents its "new passes" when it is between the Earth and the Sun. Wikipedia.

The newspaper said Venus is going to start looking like the moon and appear in a crescent shape. So I suspect that Venus is approaching a point where it is at a 90 degree angle between the sun and the Earth.

Santa Monica has 7 full time cops to shakedown homeless people

This story sounds like a huge waste of money! Get this the tiny California city of Santa Monica has 7 full time cops to shakedown homeless people.

Summer is almost here!


Feb 28 Ė This is the first day of the year I went barefoot. I have to start sometime or my feet wonít be able walk on the hot asphalt when it gets to be 115°F in August.

A t-shirt at last!

March 1- Today is the first day of the year I wore a t-shirt instead of a long sleeve shirt. By 10 a.m. it was so warm I took off my long sleeve shirt and left it in my locker. I think it is supposed to hit 90°F tomorrow.

But summer ainít here yet. The record books show it only hit 100°F once in March. By the end of this week the paper says the highs should cool down to the 70ís°F and that sucks.

The economy sucks!

Man the economy sucks so bad it is even in the Spanish language newspapers. Yesterday I read La Voz and La Prensa which are two free Phoenix weekly Spanish language newspapers and they both had a number of articles on how bad the economy sucks.

The newspaper ads suck too. Today in the Sunday Arizona ad there were four pages of classified ads total for employment. Four pages total. Of course if you count each page as having two sides that means 8 pages but that still sucks. In the old days there often were 10 pages of ads just for computer programmers and another 5 pages for engineer. Man the economy sucks.

I have not have had any job interviews since before Thanksgiving. Usually the job economy stops on Turkey Day and starts up again after New Years day but man it sucks, no interviews since before Thanksgiving.

Man the economy sucks!!!!

Sheriff Joe Sucks!!!!

Here is an article about thousands of people who marched against Sheriff Arpaio yesterday. And Sheriff Joes goons screwed this guy pretty bad for bringing a gun to the protest, which is legal, and his sign which is legal said
Death to Arpaio equals freedom for America
I should have protested but I won't go anywhere Drew Sullivan, John Quintos or Katie Marr go.

The Weather

March 2, 2009

Phoenix, Arizona

East Coast


Phoenix comes up short of heat record: 88 degrees

by Heather Hoch

March 2, 2009

The Arizona Republic

Another sunny Monday brought Phoenix just short of a record high temperature.

The current record for March 2 is 90 degrees, and Valley temperatures peaked at 88 degrees Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

Monday night's low will be about 58 degrees in most Valley cities. Tuesday is expected to have a 2-degree cool down, which should mark the start of a gradual cooling trend that is expected to last until the end of the week.

By the end of the week, Valley highs are going to be in the mid to high 70s, according to the National Weather Service.


Ferocious storm dumps heavy snow on East Coast


NEW YORK (AP) ó A ferocious storm packing freezing rain, heavy snow and furious wind gusts paralyzed most of the East Coast on Monday.

By Monday, the storm had moved north into New England, and most areas in the storm's wake expected to see at least 8 to 12 inches of snow.

The South was especially hard hit, dealing with record snowfalls, thick ice and hundreds of thousands of power outages.

In North Carolina, Raleigh got more than 3 inches of snow; the March snowfall for the city has exceeded 3 inches only 11 times in the last 122 years. The Weather Service said parts of Tennessee received the biggest snowfall since 1968.

Central Park recorded 7 inches of snow, and more than a foot was reported on parts of Long Island, where high winds caused 2-foot drifts on highways in the Hamptons.

The snow began to accumulate in New Hampshire and Massachusetts as the storm moved north, but most residents there were taking it in stride.

Phoenix Police shakedown homeless people

In this article the Phoenix Police have decided that any homeless person who doesn't want to live in a government approved homeless shelter must be a criminal, so they are shaking them down.

In the article Phoenix City Councilwoman Maria Baier seems to want to find a way to drive homeless people out of the city of Phoenix forever. Kind of like how the Nazis drove Jews out of Germany. I bet Phoenix City Councilwoman Maria Baier would have have loved working with Hitler treating homeless people the way Hitler treated Jews.

Near miss by asteroid

This article says we just had a near miss by asteroid that could have leveled 800 sq miles of land.

Just where are those damn asteroids when you need them? If that asteroid hit dead center in Washington D.C. it would have destoyed an area almost 30 miles square. Along with wiping out the White House, Congress, and the Senate it would have also taken out the stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and wiped out the $10 trillion national debt and restored the USA to a free country that was dreamed of by the founders instead of the current socialist police state we live in. And it would have stopped at least $3 trillion in corporate welfare programs that Obama and his Republicrats and Demipublicans are planning on stealing from us and giving to special intrest groups that helped them get elected.

Damn you can never rely on an asteroid to solve your problems in Washington D.C.

Wait a minute? Is the Homeland Security going to shut down this web site and lock me in jail for saying that? Honest I love the police state I live in! Honest I love the high taxes I pay to keep the government goons in power who micro-manage my life! Honest! Honest I want them to take $9,000 from every man, woman and child in the USA so they can give out $3 trillion in corporate welfare to rich corporations. Honest!

March 9 - 300 drops of rain

I woke up in the middle of the night because of the rain. Big stinking deal, it was at least 200 rain drops and possibly as many as 300 rain drops banging on the cardboard blanket i sleep under. The rain wasn't even heavy enought to make the ground wet.

When I got up and walked to the bus I must have been hit by another 200 to 300 rain drops. Again not enought to make the ground wet or even make my clothing wet.

But the weather is getting warmer. I am sleeping with about 3 less sweatshirts and I have stopped sleeping with my gloves on, althought yesterday was pretty cold and I wished I had my gloves with me.

Remember in Phoenix summer comes sometime in April when we get our first 100°F temp. I love warm weather.

March 14 - Winter is almost over

I stopped wearing my gloves when I go to sleep at night about a week or so ago. I still wear my gloves in the morning when I walk to the bus stop.

After I eat and change into my day cloths I wear a short sleeve t-shirt. It is still a little cold in the morning but I donít freeze to death. And if I wear a sweatshirt I will be real hot when I ride my bike home at night, so I wear the t-shirt.

Today was the first day the sun beaming down on me made my legs feel warm. It happened while I was reading the free Spanish weekly newspapers La Prensa and La Voz. Later when I walked to the store the sun beaming down on my back made it feel warm. It is expected to be a high of 80°F today and later in the week they say it will hit 90°F.

I hate winter! Winter sucks! I like summer and summer is almost here. In Phoenix summers is the first day of the year when it gets to 100°F and that usually happens sometime in April. It has only hit 100°F once in March. That year I was hanging out at the Festival of the Arts down on Mill Avenue in Tempe and it was nice. That was when I lived in Phoenix, and before the government has seized any of my homes for my messy yard crimes. In fact messy yard laws probably didnít exist in those years.

Some pretty shocking news in the paper this morning. Sheriff Joe's thugs broke a womans arm trying to force her to sign a form that would allow them to deport her with out a trial.

One of the Serial Killers got convicted of murder yesterday. I suspect the guy is guilty, but who knows I have been wrong on that a few times before. I thought Ray Krone was guilty. But after he was on death row for 10 years they proved that he didn't do it. Same for the kids in Tucson they busted for the Temple murders. They only sat in Maricopa County Jail for a year before it was proven they didn't commit the murders.

Of course it were me I would throw out the conviction. The cops illegally searched the Serial Killers home. The cops illegally wiretaped the Serial Killers cellphones. And the cops did a number of other illegal things to get their conviction. That's the sad thing about the police, they are usually just as big of criminals as the people they arrest.

Homeland Security says homeless people are terrorists!

In this article the Homeland Security cops say that homeless people are terrorists. Honest! Or at least that the should be treated like terrorist because they might be terrorists pertending to be homeless who are spying on the government. The article pretty much says that the government considers that homeless people are vermin who should be removed from public property. Sounds like how the Nazis in Germany treated the Jews, as vermin. Ain't government great! Yea Sure! Government treats all citizens equally!

I got screwed by Global Point Products

I got screwed by Wal-mart and Global Point Products.

I bought a Trekker camera made by Global Point Products, which on the cover their lying marketing people lied and claimed it was a 3 mega pixel camera.

What a crock, when I opened it up and read the instructions I discovered the camera was a measly 1 mega pixel cameral.

But low life marketing people at Global Point Products who want to trick you into thinking it is a 3 mega pixel camera, tell you that it can convert the 1 mega pixel image into a 3 mega pixel image.

What a crock! If they told the truth and said on the package that it was a 1 mega pixel camera I wouldnít have wasted my time taking a trip to Wal-Mart to buy it. Now I have to waste my time taking a second trip to Wal-Mart to return the stupid camera.

Of course I am a computer geek and instantly discovered the lie. I pity some person who bought the camera because he thought it was a 3 mega pixel camera and canít figure out why his photos are the same quality as the lousy 1 mega pixel camera he wanted to replace.

On the other hand despite the fact that the marketing folks at Global Point Products tried to pull a fast one on me and sell me a 1 mega pixel camera as a 3 mega pixel camera it is amazing how the technology has progressed. I bought a stinking 1 mega pixel camera for a lousy $20! Wow! And when you throw in the $8 I paid for a 1 gig memory chip that will store about a 1,000 photos it is amazing how cheep the cost of photography has become.

In the old days I would pay $30 for 10 rolls of film which would hold a total of 360 shots. And of course now you donít have to develop and print the photos, you just look at them on a computer screen and delete the ones you donít like and upload the ones you do like to the internet so everybody on the planet can see them.

Attached by a flying roach, aphid or tick! Do I have Lymes disease?

I got off of my bike after a long ride from Mesa to Tempe and when I brushed off my neck a roach, aphid or tick fell off.

I believe that is how Lymes disease is spread. Ticks fall out of trees, bite you and give you the disease from the bacteria in their spit.

The bug was a fourth to a half in long and maybe an eight inch wide. The bug that was on my back was black, not red and black, but it kinda sorta looked like the tick in this picture.

Remember look at my neck for the red circles that occur when you get Lymes disease.

After realizing the critter might have given me a disease I smashed and killed the little thing.

Well maybe I didn't get the disease. It says here - "only about 1% of recognized tick bites resulting in Lyme disease: this may be due to the fact that an infected tick has to be attached for at least a day for transmission to occur".

Hell the tick was only attached to me for an hour at most. Probabably less. I got off the bus at 4:30 and got to tempe at 5:30. And the tick probably fell off a tree and landed on me while I was riding my bike.

Sat, March 21 - It is getting warmer

Last night I went to bed wearing just a pair of Levis. I didn't wear the usual 4 or 5 pairs of thermal underwear I usually wear. I was not cold at all.

Same on the top side. I didn't wear the usual 4 or 5 pairs of thermal underwear shirts I wear. Althought I did have on 5 sweatshirts and a jacket. Again the top side was not cold.

It is only supposed to get up to 81°F Sunday, and it will drop to a cool 72°F on Monday but Summer is on it's way. By the end of April and probably sooner Summer will be here. Of course the defination of Summer in Phoenix is the first day when it hits 100°F which is about 37°C for those of you who use the metric system to measure hot and cold weather. Of course with warm weather approaching it is time for the old "When will it 100įF contest"!

Dog fight at Pats house

I went over to Pat's house to help him with some stuff and was playing frisbee with his dogs.

Otis always growls at Petey and was doing it today. Today Petey attacked Otis and gave him a nasty cut on his leg. When Pat broke up the fight Petey had his mouth locked around one of Otis's legs.

Sometimes I am kind of scared of Petey. He might be a mean dog.

One of Pat's Latino friends was over helping out. I was suprised that he eats lots of Indian food. He actually knows what a masala dosa is.

I also put a new tire on my bike. The old rim had a wobble in it and it cut a hole in the side of my perfectly good knobby tire.

So I threw the old rim and tire away and replaced it with a rim I found a year or so ago and a bald tire I had. I finally got around to putting on a new knobby tire I bought at Target today. I did it at Pat's house because I don't have an air pump.

Sunday - winter ain't over yet! I went to sleep the third day in a row without wearing my thermal underwear, and this time I froze to death. At least my legs froze to death.

I certain will wear thermal underwear as long as the highs are in the 70°'s

Thurs/Friday March 26/27 It was windy

It was pretty windy today. This article said that there was 50 mph winds in the valley.

I woke up at about 1 am because of the noisy wind. It wasn't cold, but it was just real loud and I woke up.

I dress pretty warm so the wind didn't make me cold. Also it is changing from winter to summer now so the weather isn't that cold.

Also I use a large cardboard sheet as a blanket so the wind doesn't blow directly on me.

While it was windy it can get a lot worse. There were not any trees blown down in my area.

When a summer monsoon come it can knock down bunches of trees.

A while ago there were 70 mph winds thru this area that knocked down a whole bunch of trees. They said the radar recorded the winds up to 100 mph.

A couple of nights ago I heard a bunch of coyotes howling. They live in the desert with me but I have only seen them two or three times and they have never bothered me. Here is an article about coyotes, and coyotes living in the city.

Busted by the light rail narcs

I got stopped by the light rail narcs for the third time since the system started. This time I was going to Pat's house in Mesa. The light rail narc got on the car at the Rural and University station and asked the 6 people in our car for our passes. Everyone had a pass so he didn't write any tickets.

I was blocking his path with my bike and had to move the bike so he could get thru. So he wouldn't hassle me I told him my bike was too heavy to hang up on the rack. I told him I tried it the first time I rode the light rail and failed. He didn't hassle me about it.

I was suprised when I got off at the Mesa light rail station they had a light rail narc guarding the station on a segway people mover.

I guess when it comes to hunting down petty criminals who try to ride with out paying the $2.50 fare Valley Metro will not spare any expenses. Those Segway motorized people movers cost between $6,000 and $7,000 according to Wikipidea.

Of course how the light rail rent-a-cop is going to hunt down a petty criminal who avoids paying his fare on the 100 yard long by 10 yard wide light rail platform is beyond me. I doubt that the guard can get the Segway into the train. His head would bump into the roof.

But hey think of it as an expensive job perk for the light rail narcs. It's a lot of fun crusing up and down the 100 yard station on a $7,000 Segway motorized transportation device.

Busted by the light rail narcs twice today

As I was going home today I got busted again by the light rail narcs.

This time two light rail narcs and a cameraman boarded the car.

One narc, along with the cameraman went to the end of the car and asked people for their boarding passes. The cameraman was right behind the light rail narc, shoving his movie camera 6 inches from your face. It was very annoying.

I don't know if the cameraman was with a TV station doing a TV report on the light rail narcs, or if he was part of the light rail narc unit.

If the cameraman was with a TV station he would have had a reporter with a microphone asking people questions.

I suspect the cameraman was also a light rail narc. The cameraman was probably taking people's photos so the light rail narcs can ban any person they catch riding for free from the trains.

The second narc didn't ask anybody for their boarding passes. Instead he stood at the first door down from the other narc who was asking people for their boarding passes.

I suspect the second narc was there to either stop anybody who tried to leave the train before it was verified they had a boarding pass, or to stop anybody who tried to escape after they had been arrested for riding the train with out a board pass.

This time the light rail narc didn't say anything about me not hanging my bike up on the bike rack.

Saturday, April 4 - Food poisoning

Food poisoning sucks. I guess to get rid of the poisonous food you ate your body first orders you to poop every last drop of waste in it, and then after that it orders you to puke up every last ounce of food in your stomach. And that sucks.

For lunch I ate some French fries at Fryís, a cream filled doughnut and a container of yogurt and a can of Coke. A while after that I ate a tortilla I had left over from breakfast.

The food poisoning didnít kick in till I was at the Tempe Library. I went to the restroom several times when my body ordered me to poop every ounce of waste inside it. Well at least being in the rest room constantly isnít painful, but it is annoying.

From there I went to a park where I read an interesting book called ďthe Creature from Jeckyll IslandĒ. Itís not a scary book about a monster; itís a scary book about how the Federal Government uses the Federal Reserve system to create ďfiatĒ money unconstitutionally.

It wasnít till I was about to leave at 5:00 that I started puking up in the park. I puked up two or three times. Some people saw me and thought I was a drunk. Not true, I had food poisoning.

Then I went to my lockers. I was lucky enough to not have to puke up till I changed into my night clothes. That happened just as I was leaving. I puked up several times in the driveway. You puke stuff out in the oppsite order it came in. This time I was puking up the tortilla which I had ate last. It was interesting that I could identify the chilli pepper skins and seeds that I ate for breakfast in the puke.

Any how now off to catch a bus home. That didnít work too well. After two stops I got off of the bus and puked up several times at the bus stop.

Next comes the hard part. Going thru downtown Tempe and not getting arrested by the cops should I have to puke up while in the Peopleís Republic of Tempe. The Tempe government and cops hate homeless people and I was terrified that if I had to puke up in the downtown area I would be arrested.

I lucked out. I caught a bus and went thru the downtown area with out having to puke up. A couple of miles later though the food poisoning kicked in and I again got off the bus to puke up.

It was getting worse and more painful. Now I was barfing up larger chunks of food. This time I noticed that I was puking up French fries I ate for lunch. Although I couldnít identify the parts I suspect I was also puking up the yogurt and doughnut I had eaten for lunch.

After I got my energy back I walked about a mile to a business where I had to puke up again. This time I went to the back and sat down in a trash area where they kept their dumpster. There I puked up more of those tasty French fries I had for lunch. I was feeling bad. And the puking is painful.

I didnít make it all the way home. I was too sick. I would have liked to go home so I could sleep on the cardboard I usually sleep on and not get dirty, but I was too sick. Instead I slept in a dry canal.

Thru the night I puked up several times and went to the bathroom.

The next morning I woke a 4 a.m. and went to Circle K there I got a cup of water. Luckily I was getting better and didnít puke it up.

Instead of getting my usual burrito for breakfast I just got a Coke to drink while I read the Sunday paper. I was feeling really bad. At least the nice lady gave me the Coke for free.

I didnít eat lunch either. I just drank a 44 ounce cup of Mountain Dew. The only almost food I ate that day was a got a milk shake at Wendyís. I guess I am getting better. I didnít puke any of it up.

On Monday I ate a burrito of half the size I usually eat. I still feel crummy but at least I didnít puke it up. First real food I ate in a day.

For lunch I got a piece of fish from Peteís Fish and Chips. I didnít puke it up either. Maybe if I get better today I can start eating normal food on Tuesday. Man I hate food poisoning! It sucks!

Hell freezes over? Snow in Phoenix?

A cop I agree with? Has hell frozen over? Read this.

Sat April 11 - Rain

When I went to bed last night the probality for rain after 11pm was 70 percents. I got rained on in the early morning.

I use an 8 foot by 8 foot piece of cardboard for a blanket so the rain didn't get me wet althought my cardboard blanket was pretty soggy. Also wearing my rain coat probably helped to keep the top part of me dry.

The loud rain banging on the cardboard woke me up sometime in the morning, probably around 1 or 2 am. It probably rained for a half hour or so.

When I left in the morning I was happy because it was not raining. But that didn't last for long. After I ate breakfast and looked out the window it was raining. And it has been raining up till now, which is 10:30 and I plan to go to lunch in a little while.

The good news is that it probably won't rain tomorrow.

Tomorrow will suck because it is Easter. Never much to do on those Christian holidays like Easter and Christmas because all the stores are closed and so are the libraries. What does an atheist do for fun on Easter? I don't know but I will figure it out tomorrow.

I bought some canned fish to eat for lunch because the stores will be closed. I also bought some orange marlmade to eat for lunch.

The lows have been in the 50°s and if I am lucky the newspapers seems to say the morning lows will start to be in the 60°s which will be real nice. I hate cold weather.


Rain expected to move out of Valley today

by Sherry Anne Rubiano - Apr. 11, 2009 08:10 AM

The Arizona Republic

Showers that fell Friday night and Saturday morning are expected to end later Saturday.

About 0.10 of an inch of rainfall was reported at Sky Harbor Airport, according to the National Weather Service.

Showers, light rain and cloudy skies were reported throughout the Valley early Saturday morning.

A possibility of more showers and thunderstorms remained into the afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

The forecast Saturday night is partly cloudy skies with a low of 52 degrees in Phoenix.

The outlook is brighter the rest of the week.

Sunny skies are expected Sunday with a high near 79 degrees in Phoenix, the Weather Service said.

Mostly sunny skies are expected through next Friday.

Orange Marmalade for Easter Meal

Easter Sunday I ate a chorizo burrito for breakfast. For lunch I had some orange marmalade from Egypt. It was odd. Slices of orange rinds in sugar and geletion. It was kind of tasty, sweet, but bitter. I liked it. I was afraid if I ate the whole jar I would get sick. But I didn't get sick.

I also had a can of chili and a can of fish for lunch.

I figured ALL the stores would be closed execpt for Circle K. I was wrong on that. Lots of stores were open. McDonalds, Burger King, Walgreens, store on Mill Avenue.

Octopus for lunch?

I bought a 3.5 ounce (100 gram) bag of Octopuses at the 99 cent store and ate them for lunch today.

There were maybe 5 or 6 octpuses. One was rather large. They were soaked in oil, like tuna or sardines.

I figured it would be like eating shrimp, where the all parts of the octopus taste the same.

First I ate some octopus arms and then some octopus heads, and they all did taste pretty much the same. Althought the arms were a little bit tougher then the heads. The arms tasted a bit rubbery too.

The octopus didn't taste any different then any other fish soaked in oil, like sardines or kippersnaps.

The only sad part was I understand that octopuses are really SMART fish. And they have arms and hands that they can grab stuff with, just like humans grab stuff. So it felt kind of like a canabil eating really smart people shaped like fish.

Venus is back

The newspaper said that Venus would be visiable again.

I used to look at Venus every night before I went to bed. It would set into the western sky, just like ths sun sets.

Now I see Venus when I get up in the morning. It is in the eastern sky. Althought I have not followed Venus I suspect it rises like the sun does and keeps rising until daylight, when it becomes too bright to see it.

I added this paragraph a month after I first wrote this. But every morning you can also see Jupitor too. Venus is pretty much due east, while Jupitor maybe half way between due east, and due southeast. Jupitor is also a little bit higher in the sky then Venus. And Venus is brighter then Jupitor.

When I first started viewing Venus and Jupitor they were both very low in the sky. As time goes on they are both getting much higher in the sky. They are also getting much farther apart from each other too.

A flying pig keeps me up late!

Tuesday, April 14, the day before tax day a damn flying pig kept me awake late at night.

From about 7:30 to 8:30 a damn police helicopter was flying around either in circles or just hovering in place about a mile or so north of me and a mile or so west of me.

I was pretty angry because I could not sleep because of the noise the damn thing was making. It was pretty loud even though I was a stinking mile away from it.

The cops always like to blow things out of proportion, so while a 20 or 30 cops and a helicopter probably responded to the incident it was probably some trivial incident like the cops shaking down a homeless person for jaywalking.

It made me get up late too. When I got to the bus I complained to the woman and she also complained about the damn police helicopter making too much noise. She even lives in a home as opposed to me, a homeless person who sleeps outside!

Just for fun I should get a copy of the police report and sue the city of Phoenix for disturbing my peace and keeping me awake!

April 15, Income Tax Day

I have been a Libertarian anarchist since 1994. And I have hated the evil Federal and State governments for a long time before that. But it seems like a lot of people are catching on to the fact that GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM, not the solution.

There were a number of articles in today newspapers about angry tax protesters across the country. I saw articles in the Arizona Republic, the East Valley Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

For useless information income tax started out as a ďSoak the Rich TaxĒ! In the 1914 version the tax only was paid by people making more then $3,000 a year, which adjusted for inflation would be $50,000 to $60,000 in 2009 dollars.

Also back in those days America was an agrarian country and most people did not have jobs where they worked and earned money. Instead they worked on the farm and thus did not pay income taxes. So the American income tax was only paid by a select few rich people.

The income tax was very low. It started at a measly ONE percent, and went up a couple of points for really, really rich people!

In Congress they thought it would be outrageous if the tax ever exceeded TEN percent and they debated about capping it at 10 percent. Sadly that didnít happen. And even sadder, now if you make minimum wage and donít take any deductions they take 10 percent out in withholding.

And that is only the Federal Tax! Next came FICA, another 8 percent or so these days. Now we have state income taxes too. In addition to sales tax, which in Arizona is about 8 percent!

I did some research on the tax the British put on tea, which caused the infamous Boston Tear Party, it was a lousy 1 and ĺ percent! As I just said sales tax is 8 percent! And for income tax if you donít request any extra deductions they start withholding 10 percent of you income. And then 8 percent for FICA.

One other number I have on the tea tax was that it was 3 pennies on a pound of tea. I still have to research how much a pound of tea cost in the Revolutionary days.

If the founders suddenly woke up and came out of their graves they would be shocked at the government we have and say it is a thousand times as oppressive as the English government they overthrew! They would instantly start trying to overthrow the evil beast of government at both the state and federal levels!

Personally I think that our government both at the state and federal levels is too corrupt to be reformed by voting. The only way that the people can have a limited form of government as envisioned by the founders like Jefferson and Washington is if the people overthrow the government! That is sad. But the system we have DOESN'T work!

$10 trillion National Debt

For a number I years I have known what has been going on in the Federal government. In addition to taxing the krap out of us they are running the printing presses; creating worthless money backed by nothing, which causes us to be taxed thru inflation. But I didnít know the exact details till I read the book ďThe Creature from Jeckyll IslandĒ. Now I know the details.

For a number of years I have been telling people what THEIR share of the $10 trillion National Debt is. With 300 million people living in the USA that means every man, woman and child owes about $33,000 toward the $10 trillion National Debt. That is what I used to tell people, and that is misleading because I really didnít understand what the National Debt is until I read the book ďThe Creature from Jeckyll IslandĒ.

The National Debt, which now is at $10 trillion is the total amount of American money in circulation according to the book ďThe Creature from Jeckyll IslandĒ. And if you magically paid off the National Debt again according to the book ďThe Creature from Jeckyll IslandĒ then all the US dollars would disappear. No American money would exist!

So since the Federal Reserve Board begin printing money around 1914 it has printed $10 trillion. And that amounts to about $33,000 for every man, woman and child in the USA.

The book ďThe Creature from Jeckyll IslandĒ explains that the National Debt is really a fraudulent scheme where Congress loans itself money.

The book explains that when Congress needs a $1 billion it prints up $1 billion in Treasury Notes, which are IOUs. It then gives the Federal Reserve Board the $1 billion in IOUs.

Then according to the book, the Federal Reserve Board, which is a PRIVATE business prints up out of thin air $1 billion in US money and gives it to Congress.

Of course Congress pays the Federal Reserve Board interest every year on this money it has borrowed.

How does Congress pay the interest on these IOUs it has given the Federal Reserve Board?

Congress borrows more money from the Federal Reserve Board and uses it to pay off the interest.

Why does Congress go thru this elaborate scheme of printing IOUs and exchanging them for money the Federal Reserve Board prints instead of Congress just printing the money itself?

Well because Congress doesnít have the power to print money! If Congress printed money that would be unconstitutional! So Congress designed this scheme to have the Federal Reserve Board print the money and loan it to Congress. But that is a fraud, in reality Congress is loaning the money to itself, or printing the money.

And the effect is that printing this money is a hidden tax on anybody that has US dollars. The printed money causes inflation, which makes your US dollars worth less.

Mussels suck!

Don't buy mussels again!

Don't buy mussels again!

Don't buy mussels again!

Don't buy mussels again!

Don't buy mussels again!

Don't buy mussels again!

Don't buy mussels again!

Don't buy mussels again!

Mussels suck! Well I shouldn't say that, but mussels are just bland and tasteless. Well maybe they are tasteless and taste like dirt. Gritty grimmy dirt!

Hell mussels might be tasty if you added some spices or salt, but the ones I ate from this package just taste like a gritty grimy paste. Kind of like eating dirt - tasteless dirt.

But the mackerel is pretty good!

Good weather is almost here!!!

Life isn't fair! Yesterday it hit 100°F in Los Angeles and it hasn't even hit 100°F in Phoenix yet! How come they get the warm weather and we don't??? Well it is supposed to hit 100°F in Phoenix tomorrow and then we will have some nice weather!!!! I love summmer! The evil cold winter weather is gone and summer is here! I am happy!

April 21 - Summer arrives! 102°F

On Tuesday April 21 it hit 102°F in Phoenix and of course that means summer is officially here. If all holds out well we should have nice weather till sometime in October when it starts dropping under 100°F again.

They say we will have a cooling spell this weekend so I may be bitching about cold weather for another couple of weeks.

Last night I was slightly cool in my legs because I didn't wear my usuall 4 pairs of thermal underware, despite the fact that it hit 102°F. I will probably have to wear them when it cools down into the 80°F's on the weekend.

Also saw some cool solar stuff this morning. The moon is in the last phase and is almost down to nothing.

But this morning you could see Venus next to the Moon. It looked pretty cool.

A couple days ago the Moon was next to Jupitor. That also looked pretty cool.

Saturn is also in the sky all night. I have guesses at where it is, but I am not sure!

Mars is also out but I have not tried to locate it.

The economy really sucks!

Every day I pass by an In-N-Out Burger in Mesa at Fiesta Mall that is being constructed. Sometimes I think maybe I should apply for a job. Even if the pay is a lousy $10 an hour, when I am used to making $50 an hour as a software engineer.

Well the economy sucks so bad it looks like I would not be hired there. In this article it says 100's of people lined up to apply for the 60 stinking jobs that will open up there. Man the economy sucks! And this article says it sucks so bad that food stores and companies that make foods like Kraft are changing their basic marketing plans to cater to POOR people who are down and out. And the very next day this article says Bashas may close up to 10 stores and layoff as many as 1500 people! Man the economy sucks!!!! And if your ready to say "well the economy can't get any worse", then read this article. Even Avenet my favorite seller of chips, chips like ICs is having layoffs! Despite huge loses this executive gives himself a triple pay raise. I bet that $3 trillion in corporate welfare Obama and McCain votes on was a factor in that.

Check out this place in South Phoenix for a new place to live!

A cool place in South Phoenix for homeless people to stay? It is along the Salt River from I-10 (about 32nd Street) to 19th Avenue!

A good calendar to use.

I used to use this calendar all the time to get the current date or time but when they destoryed one of my old web pages I lost it. Well here it is again to use.

Here is another site that you can use to get the current time and set your watch. Click here to select your US time zone And of course click here for Arizona time. The previous URL uses some type of Java that some of the libraries I go to have disabled so it doesn't always work.

Sunday, April 26 - False advertising by KFC?

I was really happy when I read the Sunday Arizona Republic and discovered a coupon that offered a free piece of chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken. The coupon didnít have any conditions associated with it where you had to buy something else to get the free piece of chicken. The coupon didnít have a starting date printed on it so I assumed I would redeem it today. I think the coupon did have an expiration date, but that wasnít a problem for me because I was going to get my free piece of chicken today.

The only question I has was would they give me a breast of chicken instead of a crummy leg or other part.

At about 10:45 a.m. I took the coupon to the KFC located on Beck and Broadway at 1030 W Broadway Road in Tempe. A slightly overweight woman with bad teeth said hi to me as I was entering the Kentucky Fried Chicken store. She followed me and checked in and started to go to work. I think she was the person who ran the counter and took orders.

She happily took my order and then a few seconds later she changed her mind for no apparent reason and said ďWe are not offering this special till MondayĒ.

I figured the reason she was refusing to honor the coupon was because I was a homeless person. After all the coupon had no starting date on it. So I assumed it was good today. And the coupon didnít have any other limits set on it, such as ďnot good on SundayĒ or ďonly good on MondaysĒ. So I assume the lady at KFC was jerking me around because I am a homeless person.

Later on in the day I passed another KFC, this one on the south side of Baseline between Hardy and Kyrene. Their address is 705 W Baseline Road in Tempe. I went in there and they honored the coupon. They even gave me the chicken breast I asked for. I was a happy camper.

I donít know if the Kentucky Fried Chicken place at 1030 W Broadway Road in Tempe committed some type of crime or false advertising by refusing to honor the coupon or not. But I do plan to write the city of Tempe, the Maricopa County Attorney and the Arizona Attorney Generals office and tell them what happened and ask them to investigate the incident. I think it is wrong to print up coupons saying you will give free stuff away and then refuse to honor them when a homeless person shows up with the coupon. Just as it would be wrong for them to refuse to serve a Black person that showed up with the coupon.

Now it is June and I just saw this article in the Arizona Republic. When KFC refused to give me my free chicken it may have been a bait and switch scheme. KFC is getting sued over the scheme in another state!

Tuesday, April 28 - Attacked by a gardner with a leaf blower

When I went to park my bike on the light the same Mexican gardner who has jerked me around went out of his way to meet me tat the light.

When I got there he used his leaf blower to blow dirt and grass on me before telling me I was not allowed to park my bike next to the light pole like I always do.

He has told me I could not park my bike there before in the past, but this is the first time he has attacked me with a leaf blower.

I should file a claim against the City of Chandler and demand that it not happen again.

I parked by bike next to a tree. I did notice later on before lunch that another bike had parked next to the light pole I always park next to.

So the Mexican gardener only prevent ME from parking my bike there. He didn't stop anyone else and tell them not to park there.

Got through winter without using a sleeping bag

This is the first time that I have went thru the whole winter with out using a sleeping bag.

In past years when it started getting real cold I took my sleeping bag with me and used it to keep warm at night.

This year I didnít use a sleeping bag once. I wear 4 pairs of thermal underwear pants, 4 pairs of thermal underwear shirts and 5 or 6 sweatshirts along with a coat.

Now that it is hitting 90°Fís in the day I stopped wearing the thermal underwear, and when it starts hitting 100°F I will stop wearing the sweatshirts and coat. Man I am happy that summer is here. I hate cold weather.

Maybe I should move to India?

The state of Madhya Pradesh sounds like a nice warm place I would like!!!! Hell it hasn't even hit 110°F in Phoenix and it is already 118°F in Khandua. And of course the food is much better then the bland worthless American food!


At least 18 dead in heat wave in India

May. 1, 2009 06:58 AM

Associated Press

NEW DELHI - At least 18 people have died in a scorching heat wave that has swept through more than a dozen Indian states, the weather department and officials said Friday.

The highest temperature of about 118 degrees was recorded Thursday at Khandua in the central Madhya Pradesh state.

The heat wave has hit the western state of Rajasthan, the northern state of Uttarakhand and at least a dozen other states, the India Meteorological Department said.

Authorities have confirmed at least 18 people died from heat stroke in the eastern state of Orissa, according to Manoranjan Choudhary, an official at the state revenue department, which monitors heat-related deaths. Thirty-six other suspected heat wave deaths are being investigated, he added.

The meteorological department said the sweltering conditions are likely to continue for at least two more days.

Mexican Swine Flu Pandemic! Hoax or Real?

Currently there is a panic about an alleged Mexican Swine Flu Pandemic! I am very skeptical. But here are some articles!

Saturday May 2 - Dumped by Circle K

Every day I buy stuff at Circle K. I usually buy a 44 ounce drink there and I usually buy some brews. The night crew treats me really well too.

Every day I used to buy a newspaper at Circle K. When they started charging sales tax on the newspapers I stopped buy the paper and now buy a copy from Walgreenís or a private liquor store.

I usually stop in to Circle K and look at the headlines on the newspapers. I donít read it or anything. I just look at the headlines.

The lady who runs the morning shift has always been a grouchy person. Today she told me that I was loitering if I looked at the newspaper headlines.

Well screw Circle K. I buy $2,000 worth of stuff in a year from them. (365 times $4.09 for beer and .96 times 365 for soda pop) In that case if the jerk lady doesnít want me reading the headlines in the morning I wonít buy any beer or cokes from them in the evenings.

Sunday May 3 Ė Saw very bright meteorite.

I got up at about 4:45 and as I was walking to the bus I saw a very, very bright meteorite or shooting star around maybe 4:55.

I wasnít looking up but I saw this incredibly bright moving spot in the sky that seemed as bright as a sparkler. Wow was it bright. I wonder if it was a big one?

May 4 - Finally decent weather is here!!!!!

The predicted low for everyday of this week is 70°F or above. That is great weather for sleeping out side. And the highs are great too! Today the predicted high is 95°F and for the rest of the week the highs are predicted to be 98°F to 102°F. I love warm weather!!!!!!

Saturday May 9 - Atheist party

One of the Phoenix atheist groups bought a home out in Mesa to have their meeting at and they had a party there last night. The house is on 8th Street between Alma School and County Club near Westwood High School on the south side of the street. It was just the usual run of the mill atheist party.

Art was there and had a telescope the size of a damn water heater, at least in diameter. He pointed it almost straight up into the sky and a little to the south and a little to the east and aimed it at Saturn. That was at about maybe 8 or 8:30pm.

It was damn cool. You could see Saturn and all the rings around it. Damn it was beautiful.

He yelled at me a couple of times cuz I bumped it with my hat and eyes which moves the telescope so Saturn is no longer in view.

You can see Saturn with out the telescope. It just looks like a bright star. Again at about 8 or 8:30 p.m. it was almost directly above us, and maybe a little bit to the east and a little bit to the south. Remember as the earth rotates on itís axis Saturn will move from east to west, and it will finally set just like the Sun does at about 3 a.m.. Remember these times are only for today, as the planets move around in their orbits the times change.

As I said before every morning Venus is clearly visible in the east. It is pretty much due east. Jupiter is also visible every morning. Jupiter isnít quite as bright as Venus, it is also slightly higher in the sky then Venus is, and last but not least Jupiter is a little bit to the south of Venus. They say Mars is also visible in the morning, but I have not been able to find it yet.

The skinny moron jerk with the white hair that ripped off the ASH treasury was also there. I didnít talk to him.

I was surprised to find two Libertarian haters there. Usually atheists and Libertarians get along well. But there were two Libertarian haters there last night, make the three with the mean skinny moron jerk with the white hair.

Libertarianism brings up another subject. Wow the jerks at the city of Mesa made them install an 8 inch water main to the house. It cost $30,000 along with another $18,000 in impact fees which they explained to me are a politically correct name for taxes the government makes you pay when it forces you to do something like install an 8 inch water main.

Most homes only have a 3/4 inch or a one inch water main to the home. So with an 8 inch water main I figured they planned to house a hundred or so homeless people and have the showers all running at the same time.

Nope I was wrong on that! They were required to put the 8 inch water main so the sprinkler system they were also forced to install could put out a fire.

The home was more or less a shell, even though they bought it about 4 years ago. They plan to do lots of neat stuff to it, but I donít think they have the money to get it done. They said they bought the home for around $200,000

Black widows are out

The last couple of weeks as I ride my bike along Frye Road I have noticed that since summer is here the black widows are out in force. Black widow webs are usually huge messy webs about the size of a basketball, but they often can be much bigger. They are easy to spot along fences and walls.

The black widows donít usually come out in the day time, but at night you can shine a flashlight on the web and see them.

May 12 - Another flat tire at the Library

Today is Tuesday May 12, the day before Emperor Obama comes to ASU and gives a talk that is supposed to get him re-elected 3 years from now. I parked my bike by the tree at about 9 a.m., because they were mowing the lawn today. I went into the computer room and hung out till about 11:15 a.m., usually I hang out till about 11 a.m., but the clock on my computer was slow so it wasn't till 11:15 a.m. that I left.

When I got to my bike to put my glass in my helmet I noticed the front tire was flat.

Either I got a flat tire or some jerk slit my tire.

The last time this happened at the library some jerk let the air out of my tire.

I suspected that was what happened this time so I walked my bike to the gas station and tried to put some air into it. Nada, nothing, zip. The tire has a huge leak.

I suspect that either some jerk slit it. Or that the green slime in the tube caused it to break.

I will go home and figure out why.

Who are the suspects this time?

Well they were mowing the lawn today, and the Mexican guy who always yells at me for chaining my bike to the light is a suspect. He is a jerk and might have slit my tire.

Also there is a homeless guy who lives outside on a poarch right by my bike. He was playing with a brown dog today.

I suspect it is one of the two brown dogs that bother people at the library.

He leaves his food out there and never comes inside.

Why is he a suspect? Simply because he hangs out 10 feet from my bike?

Other then that I have never even spoken to him or had any problems with him.

I asked the lady if there were any cameras there watching my bike. She said none that she knows of.

Today I bought another bus pass. And tonight I will go back home and try to figure out what happened to my tire. Was it slit or did it just die a natural death.

When I took the tire apart it had two problems.

First there was large twig as big as a nail stuck in the tire. At first I thought it was a nail because it was very hard. But when I pulled it out it was a wooden twig. Maybe I ran over it, maybe some jerk at the library shoved it into my tire.

If the green slime in the tire was working the twig probably would not have caused the tire to leak.

Also there was a big split in the tire which caused all the green slime to leak out.

I suspect that the tube just popped open where the slit is because the tube is so old. It probably is over 3 years old. I got it at least when I worked for Richard and probably before that. Which makes it 3 maybe 4 years or more old.

1 Hour Computer Use

Wed, May 13, 2009 - the same day that Obama is to talk at ASU they put up a sign that said you can only use the computers for one hour each day unless you have an ID card.

Is this to keep homeless people from suing the computers?

Is this to keep young people from using the computers?

Do a public records request to find out who made up this new rule.

See also the rule they made in the other building to keep me from using the phone where they changed the phone sign from a 5 minute limit to for empegencies only.

ASU President Michael Crow says Obama hasn't done didly squat!

I didn't vote for either Obama or McCain. They both suck. But I disagree wit ASU President Michael Crow who says Obama hasn't achieved much! That is rubbish! Even if you disagree with Obama, which I do, he has become the first Black President of the USA, which is a lot

Emperor Obama mocks ASU President Michael Crow for not giving him an honorary degree


Obama shrugs off honorary degree flap at ASU

May. 14, 2009 08:18 AM

Associated Press

TEMPE - President Barack Obama says Arizona State University officials aren't the only ones who think he needs to accomplish more to earn an honorary degree.

Add his wife Michelle to that list.

"I come here not to dispute the suggestion that I haven't yet achieved enough in my life," Obama said in a commencement speech Wednesday. With a smile he added: "First of all, Michelle (Obama) concurs with that assessment. She has a long list of things that I have not yet done waiting for me when I get home."

"But more than that I come to embrace the notion that I haven't done enough in my life. I heartily concur. I come to affirm that one's title, even a title like 'president of the United States,' says very little about how well one's life has been led."

Obama challenged the graduating class to find new sources of energy, improve failing schools and never to rely on past achievement. He congratulated them on earning a degree, and said the next steps mattered more than a piece of paper or a tassel.

"I want to say to you today, graduates, class of 2009, that despite having achieved a remarkable milestone in your life ó despite the fact that you and your families are so rightfully proud ó you, too, cannot rest on your laurels. ... Your own body of work is also yet to come," the president said, wearing a black gown with red embellishments and a blue hood.

Commencement speakers typically are awarded honorary degrees as a sign of respect and appreciation. Arizona State officials, however, did not award any such degrees this year.

"His body of work is yet to come. That's why we're not recognizing him with a degree at the beginning of his presidency," university spokeswoman Sharon Keeler said after the school's student newspaper first reported the decision.

To quell the controversy, the university instead renamed a scholarship for the nation's 44th president. In his remarks, Obama thanked the school for the gesture.

He also met six recipients of the scholarship named for him, and commissioned a group of Army and Air Force cadets.

While the dispute over Obama's honorary degree colored the buildup to the ceremony, a sweltering ó and packed ó Sun Devil Stadium seemed to care little. About 63,000 people crowded into the stadium to send 9,000 students into a marketplace that has lost 1.3 million jobs since February.

Obama flew to Albuquerque, N.M., after the speech. He planned a town hall-style meeting there Thursday on proposed restrictions on credit card companies.

Obama plans commencement addresses Sunday at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., and the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., on May 22.

Protests were expected at Notre Dame, a Roman Catholic school, over Obama's support for abortion rights and embryonic stem cell research.

May 13 - Emperor Obama comes to Phoenix

There were cops everywhere. City cops, county cops, state cops and federal cops. Enought cops to make a police state fan smile with glee. Tempe cops, ASU cops, Peoria cops, DPS cops, Sheriff Joes thugs, FBI cops, Secret Service cops. I even saw a BTAF pig with an explosive sniffing dog.

The west butte was closed to normal people. They had yellow tape closing it off at the base near Mill Avenue. I suspect cops with guns were on the top of the butte.

The east butte had people on it. Well people that is a bad term, not humans like me and you, but evil police thugs, probably sharpshooters ready to kill enemines of Emperor Obama. Sorry make that no real humans on the east butte except police thugs.

The Tempe cops arrested or ticketed on guy who was selling shirts, hats and other stuff. They stole his goods and put them in a black garbage bag.

Sadly even Emperor Obama shirts had laser copyright tags on them. Wow! You have to give Obama a cut of any shirts you sell with his picture on them.

There were not the number of protesters that usually showed up when Emperor George W. Bush came to Phoenix. Althought there were protesters.

The usual anti-war protestors which is why I came. Drew Sullivan's Phoenix Anarchists were there. The Libertarians were there, passing out the "end the fed" stuff.

I saw Emperor Obama. His motorcade drove within 20 feet of me. I think he was the second car. In front of them were a large number of motorcycles.

I wonder was it the real Emperor Obama or does Emperor Obama have many "duplicates" like other dictators around the world. I know Suddam had a number of "doubles" or "duplicates" to confuse potential assians.

Obama was sitting by the left window and there was only a chain link fence between him and me.

The Emperor came in a lowly Cadillic, how unworthy! The most powerful man in the world comes here in a stinking Cadillic.

His royal subjects, well no his fellow rulers in Congress should make sure the Emperor gets something fitting for his power. At least a Rolls Royce!

It was on the east side of Sun Devil Stadium. They were driving south.

The motorcade continued past me and I later saw that they parked in the south entrance to Sun Devil Stadium. The students had to enter on the north entrance.

The motorcade appeared to have two medical vehicles with it incase anybody shot Obama.

I was suprised how close serfs like me could get to the Presidential motorcade.

Falsely arrested by Tempe again!

I was falsely attested by the city of Tempe again!

This time a rent-a-pig at the Tempe Transit center arrested me and made me pick up some litter.

I told the pig the litter was not mine. But the jack booted rent-a-cop thug forced me to pick up the trash anyhow.

Saturday NRA convention in Phoenix

I sent an email to the NRA telling them I was with the media and wanted a media pass to attend their convention in Phoenix for free.

They sent me back an email that say "no problem you can pick it up when you come to the show"

Friday morning I saw a NRA member who was part of the show in an Arbys and he told me to got to

and that I could get a free memebership in the NRA for a year along with free entry into the show.

I went there and signed up. So I had two ways to get into the show for free.

The media pass was defintally the way to go. When I want to the show somebody told me to to go the media room to pick up my pass.

It took a whole 60 seconds for a nice young lady to give me my media pass. Later I noticed the line for the general public to register and get passes was huge. It would have taken me 10 or 20 mintues to go thru it.

Also the good part was in the media room they had free food for us media types. When I came back to get my free food they were switching to lunch food after I grabbed my breakfast food. So I got the best of both foods.

I am not a gun nut, but the show still was interesting.

One vendor was selling grenade launchers. Yes you need a $200 Federal gun tax stamp to buy one. No they don't sell the ammo for them. He didn't know where to get that.

One vendor was selling 50 caliber machine guns that are mounted on vehicles. He said they are accurate to about 2 miles and at that range you can hit a vehicle or a person.

He told me that the general public can't buy them, even if they have the stinking $200 federal gun tax stamp. He said it has something to do if the gun was manufactored after 1989 or some year.

Another company was selling a civilian version of the AK-47 which was imported from Russia. Nice stuff. Of course they are not fully automatic. I asked him if it was an easy fix to turn the gun into fully automatic, like you can do with the AR-15. He said he didn't know. Using 20/20 hindsight I figured it was cuz I had on a media badge.

One company had a mini-camera that you mount on your pistol. Cool. It had a 500 megabytes of memory and the output was either JPEG single files or MPEG videos.

A number of the vendors had hot babes working in their booths. Most of these hot babes are models they hire because they will attract men who like hot babes to their boots. My sister who is a model used to work at conventions like this.

The thugs from the BATF were even there. I took some of their forms and will scan them and put them on a web site. The forms appear to be the licenses you need to buy to get the $200 tax stamp so you can own a machine gun.

One company had these fully functional guns that fire .05 caliber bullets. I am just guessing at the size but they are tiny guns.

Me I will never get a gun. Mainly because I am afraid if the cops stop me with a gun they will kill me.

What is that object in the sky

As a homeless person I am getting used to the stuff in the sky. Currently you can see Venus in the morning to the east, Jupiter is a little higher in the sky and a little bit south of Venus. Mars is supposed to be to the east and low, but I have not seen it. Last but not least Saturn at about 8:30 p.m. is directly above me in the sky.

Last night I was surprised when I saw what looked like a planet or a very bright start from around 7 to 8 p.m. It was north and a little west of me. At first I thought it was an airplane. It was near the flight path the planes take when they come from Las Vegas and San Francisco. They follow I-17, then hang a left near Glendale and go east out to the Salt River Indian Reservation. But this object didnít move so it was not a plane.

The object was not where any of the planets are. The only planet I donít know the location of is Mercury, and since Mercuryís orbit is inside the earths orbit the object was in a position that would make it impossible for it to be Mercury.

Well mystery solved it was a government NASA balloon used to measure gamma ray emissions. Around June 11 I saw another balloon that was almost identical to this one.

Monsoons in May? Si!

The last two days it has only been 107°F but it seems like it is at least 110°F with all the humidity. Sunday night I was actually sweating! Can you beleive that sweating in May when it is only 100°F out!

Last night as I was looking at UFO I also thought I was lightning and moonsoons off in the distant. A little too early for monsoons in Phoenix. The monsoons don't usually come until July or August.

When I went to Tempe this morning a number of thing were blown down on Broadway. It looked alike a bad monsoon hit last night. A light pole in the parking lot of Filibertos was blown down.

The folks there denied that a monsoon came thru. But according to this article the monsoon came to Phoenix in May

200,000 drops of rain and 86 fell on me

Tuesday, May 20 or so it rained. At least 200,000 drops of rain and I bet at least 86 of them fell on me. I didn't get wet or anything, hell it didn't even cool me off.

Rain in May???? Hell freezes over too?

Thursday, May 21 I went to an interesting gig at a law firm in downtown Phoenix on Central and Washington. It was put on by the Arizona Justice Project and Ray Krone spoke there.

The Arizona Justice Project is a group that tries to free innocent prison inmates who were framed by the police and sent to prison. The event was to help them raise money.

Ray Krone was the 100th person in the USA that was freed from death row as a result of DNA testing. Ray Krone was convicted twice of murdering a Phoenix bar maid. His first conviction got him on death row. His second conviction he was removed from death row but he still spent a total of 10 years in prison for a crime he didnít commit.

Ray Krone said that it is a myth that everybody in prison claims to be innocent. He said only in the county jail do inmates profess to be innocent, of course that is before the go to trial or accept a plea bargin.

One of the folks at the Arizona Justice Project said that when they got a lot of publicity in the Arizona newspapers about giving free legal help to people who claim they were falsely sent to prison they expected to be swamped with inmate claiming to be framed. It didnít happen.

Ray Krone said you can usually spot the innocent people. They are the naive ones who actually think the system works and go to trial instead of accepting a plea bargain. And of course 99 percent of the time they are convicted.

Patís friend Rich was there and his claim to fame was being one of the first people to put real estate photos on line. That was back in the days before the internet when bulletin boards existed. It didnít get into the techie details of how he did it. But that is the reason for his website RealPics or maybe. RealPix.

Rich also had some cool techie toys. A pen that shoots 640 by 480 movies while in your shirt pocket. You pull the pen apart and it has a USB port you can plug into your computer and down load the photos, or MPEG files. He also had a tiny laptop like the one I saw at target. It was running Windows and cost something like $350. I think the ones I saw cost closer to $200 or $250. Of course the PC was set up to do wireless internet surfing. The folks at Target told me you could get them with UNIX or Linux installed on them. Hey Windows sucks! I want the Linux version.

As the event was finishing up I noticed that it had actually rained outside. Rain in Phoenix in May? Well I guess it happens every few centuries? Maybe? When I went home my cardboard I sleep in was wet on the top. By the time I woke up in the morning my cardboard blanket was totally soaked, although I wasnít really wet. And since it probably got up to 100°F today it didnít get cold enough for the rain to bother me.

I'm on drugs again! The legal kind!

A long time ago I thought I had eye cancer or some horrible disease and that I was going to go blind. I went to the eye doctor and he told me it was nothing. As you get old your eyes donít produce as much moisture and every once in a while you need to put some eye drops in your eyes to make them moist. So I bought some eye drops and that was the end of the problem.

This summer my eyes started to dry up again and I was going to use the eye drops I had in my pocket but they were filthy. They looked like they were covered with a 100 years of dirt and filth.

I decided to buy some new eye drops because the old ones were probably infected with some evil bacteria and viruses that would probably make me go blind. As usual I had a problem figuring out which brand I bought last time.

I knew I bought the cheep stuff at Target but the markings were worn off. And I bought them for $1. I almost bought the high priced eye drops this time by accident. So to prevent that problem I scanned the box and put the photos on this web page so in 3 years when I have to buy more eye drops I can just look here and figure out which ones to buy at Target for $1.50.

Danny Donkey sneaks into heaven

Danny Donkey's guide to eternal salvation

Distracting Saint Peter for dummies

Check out the orginal fullsize cartoon here.

Free yearly credit report

Free annual credit report

I am always too lazy to do a simple google and find places that will give you a copy of your yearly free credit report. But in the June 1, 2009 edition of the Arizona Republic Dave Cherry gave a this URL as a place you can get a free credit report at:
Read more about it here.

The lady at Filibertos is moving

The nice lady at Filibertos is moving. She said here name is Naomi. She said that is the same as Norma. She is going to work at the Filibertos on 52nd & Washington 48th & Washington. I think she said 9 to 6. She said it is a new one. I think it is by the light rail station.


June 8 - Cold wave - 10°F to 15°F below normal

We are having a summer cold wave. The tempature has been 10įF to 15įF below normal. Where else in the world can you have a cold wave with the highs being above 90įF besides Phoenix? Well probably Baghdad, Iraq, and Death Valley, Califormia, but not many other places.

In the summer I wear a sweatshirt, not to keep warm, but to keep bugs off of me. Because of the cold wave I am wearing my raincoat in addition to my sweatshirt to keep warm. But still it is not that cold.

Here is the article about the cold wave from the Arizona Republic.

An article on that freezing cold Arizona summer weather :)


Comfy temps to continue this week

by Sherry Anne Rubiano - Jun. 13, 2009 11:12 AM

The Arizona Republic

High temperatures will remain in the low- to mid-90s this weekend in the Valley, according to the National Weather Service.

Expect highs of 90 to 95 degrees Saturday, and lows of 63 to 73 degrees Saturday night.

On Sunday and Monday, the National Weather Service forecasts highs of 92 to 97 degrees.

Highs in the mid- to upper-90s will continue Tuesday and Wednesday, and temperatures could reach 100 degrees Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.


Sub-100 temperatures expected to continue

Mike Branom, Tribune

June 10, 2009 - 2:46PM

Mild weather in June is very welcome and quite rare.

Daytime high temperatures have been below 100 degrees starting on June 5, and the National Weather Service is predicting double-digit readings through at least the middle of next week.

If this forecast holds, the stretch of consecutive sub-100 days will be unusually long.

Not since 1967 has there been a streak of at least 12 June days with highs below 100 degrees. Next Wednesday would be the 13th straight day of June 2009.

Typically in early to mid June, maximum temperatures are in the range of 100-105 degrees.

Phoenixís longest such run of sub-100 June days occurred in 1913, when the temperature failed to break the century mark for 17 days, June 1 through June 17. The mercury finally hit 101 on June 18 ó the first 100-degree day of that year and the latest for it to ever occur in Phoenix.

June 1913 also holds the record for the most sub-100 days with 22; the long-term average is nine days.

The Weather Service began keeping records in the Valley in 1896.

According to meteorologists, the recent relatively cool weather is due to a persistent trough of low pressure over the West Coast. This trough is suppressing a ridge of high pressure over Mexico, which typically strengthens and expands northward during June, bringing Arizona its blistering summer heat.

Because of the abnormally cool conditions, the levels of the air pollutant ozone are at an all-time low. Ozone is created when sunlight mixes with exhaust from vehicles.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality said Tuesdayís peak ozone level of only 43 parts per billion is the lowest reported during the month of June since at least 1996. The previous low was 45ppb, set on June 10, 2003.

Pretty cool

The Valley's five longest streaks of days with high temperatures less than 100 degrees in June.

1. 1913 June 1-17 17 days
2. 1907 June 1-16 16 days
3. 1901 June 1-15 15 days
4. 1971 June 1-12 12 days
4. 1967 June 1-12 12 days
4. 1954 June 5-16 12 days
4. 1942 June 1-12 12 days

Comfy temps my *ss! I am wearing my rain coat to keep from getting too cold. I am also sleeping in a cardboard box instead of on the cardboard box, because sleeping inside the box keeps me warmer.

Saw another weather balloon.

A few weeks ago around May 17 or May 18 I saw what appeared to be a planet but it turned out to be a
weather balloon I saw another weather balloon last night. And today we have the government mandated switch to digital TV! Doesn't government always suck?

I finally see Mars

OK I finally was able to spot Mars. I got up at 4:30 am and looked to the east. Directly to the east Venus is visible and looks like a bright star.

Mars was at about the same height as Venus but it was very, very dim. Like a little tiny dim star. At 4:55 I would still see Venus, but the sun was so bright that you could no longer see Mars.

Juiptior is also visible. It is to the south and high. It also looks like a star, but it isn't nearly as bright as Venus.

One cold summer and lots of fish on the highway

Wow this summer so far has been the coolest summer since 1913! Check out the article in the Republic.

This morning I saw a truck load of fish that probably fell off of a truck.

It was on Broadway and Beck or Industrial Way and the street was full of orange and silver rubbish. I didn't know what it was till I was right on top of it and it was tons of fish!

The fish were red on the inside and silver, gray and black on the outside. The ones that had been run over by cars were reddish orange bloches on the street.

And the fish were huge. Most were at least two or three feet long. Many were as thick as my thighs.

I wanted to grap one and take it home and cook it. Mmmm... It looked like salmon.

Movie stars are dying like flies

June 23 or so. Three famous movie stars died this week. First it was Ed McMahon of the Johnny Carson show. He was 86. They didn't give a cause of death but he had lots of health problems. Next it was Farrah Fawcett who died of cancer. She was 62. And last but not least Michael Jackson died. He was 50. He probably died of a heart attack. Remember that mail bomb that went off in Scottsdale and blew up a black guy? I remember it because I was on the 76 bus and Miller Road was blocked off. Well the busted those guys today. That is if the cops arn't framing them for something else. Here is the article.

Crime wave in Tempe Arizona on Mill Avenue

It looks like the Tempe cops have busted all the major criminals in the city and have nothing to do. With out any real criminals to hunt down the city of Tempe is putting undercover narcs on Mill Avenue to bust homeless people who panhandle. Check out this article where the Tempe cops waste our tax dollars and shake down homeless panhandlers on Mill Avenue. Don't those pigs have any rapists or robbers to hunt down? Another article on how Tempe, Arizona hates homeless people and trys to run homeless people out of town. Mayor Hallman your a jerk!

A jobs program for government weathermen?

This year has been a really cool summer. Yesterday July 10 it finally got warm and hit 110°F. I don't know if it hit that at the airport which is the official place, but one news show said it was 110°F in Chandler.

All my life nobody gave a hoot about our hot Arizona weather. You just accepted the fact that when summer came it would get hot. The only question was how many days would be over 110°F and how many days over 115°F.

Now the government is trying to turn it into a jobs program for weathermen by issuing heat alerts and other weather nonsense!

What's a homeless person like me supposed to do when NOAA issues a "heat alert" check into the Hilton? Yea sure!

About the only thing you do differently in hot weather is drink lots more water. And you don't need some government nanny from the weather bureau to tell you that, your body says "I'm thirsty get water".

Hear is a silly article from the Republic on these dump heat alerts.

Well it is finally hot in the Valley. On Sat July 11 it hit 114°F and on Sun July 12 it hit 115°F.

It also looks like the lows this week will be in the 90°F according to this article.

No that is not a type! I said the lows this week will be in the 90°F according to this article.

Some odd dust storms

Friday and Saturday we had a dust storm around 6:30 pm or so. It was an odd dust storm because there was not that much dust. It was windy and the air clearly was full of dust. It reduced visiblilty but not enought to block the view of cars, buildings and people.

When I was a kid growing up in Scottsdale we would have real dust storms. The air was so full of dirt that the dust would block your view of buildings, people and cars. And you would get nice and dirty too.

Of course those real dust storms never happen anymore because all the farms and cotton fields have been built over with homes, office buildings and strip malls.

The last real dust storm I remember was when I was working out at AGSIM and saw one near 43rd Avenue and Greenway and I was going home from work.

And speaking of dust storms there have been monsoons out there almost every night for the last week or two. But they have not hit where I sleep. I can see monsoon clouds in the distance along with lightning but it is usually too far to hear the thunder. And usually I get a few heavy blowing winds. Even though the storms didn't have much if any rain they did knock down a few tree through out the valley.

Arizona monsoon with lightning in over Tempe

I fill up my first gig memory chip

I bought my camera a couple of years ago after I worked in Tucson. Yesterday I finally used up all the memory on my one gigabyte memory chip. I was shooting photos of the stupid light rail train in Tempe when I ran out of memory. I had a 2nd gigabyte chip which I plugged into my camera and finished shooting the photos with.

I probably have shot a little more then a gigabytes worth of photos because I have deleted a lot of the photos after I posted them to web sites. And because I have a 2nd chip I use to take photos with sometimes.

An odd monsoon

When the monsoons come they are usually violent storms with lots of lightning, heavy winds and lots of rain, at least lots of rain by Arizona standards.

Last night there were heavy winds and lightning. I thought a monster storm was coming, but it never showed up. In the morning from 4 a.m. to maybe 4:45 am there was a huge ligthning storm with lots of thunder. It was pretty cool.

While I was waiting for the bus real light rain came. When I got to Tempe there was lots or rain. And while I was eating breakfast the lightning and thunder came back. It was a wimpy monsoon, but it was the first monsoon this summer.

This is kind of scarry. Some kid from Alaska died while hiking on South Mountain. Here is the article. Me it doesn't bother me at all to work all day in the hot sun. Or ride my bike for miles when it is 115°F like I will do this afternoon when I go home. But I guess it can kill you if your not used to it.

A huge snake

Several weeks ago after Pat dropped me off I saw a small snake crossing the sidewalk. It was probably a foot to a foot and a half long. It scared me a little. I just hoped it wasnít a rattlesnake. I just stopped walking until the snake crossed the sidewalk.

Last night in the same location I saw a huge snake crossing the sidewalk. It was almost as wide as the sidewalk. I am guessing it was 5 to 6 feet long. It was a dark colored snake.

I just froze up when I saw the snake. The snake seemed to freeze up too when it noticed me. In a few seconds the snake continued to slither across the sidewalk. Once the snake was off the sidewalk and on the desert I couldnít spot the snake. It was camouflaged.

I was scared this snake was a rattlesnake, but the snake didnít make any rattling noise.

There are a bunch of small gopher and snake holes in this area. I guess that is what they are for. The gophers and rats live in the holes and the snakes slither thru the holes looking for a meal.

Hmmm... I wonder if this article about lots of rattlesnakes in Ahwatukee is related to the two snakes I saw.

Libertarian Blogger Dies

Libertarian Mark Yannone died Mark Yannone a Libertarian blogger died Monday.

I never met the guy in person but I talked to him on the web. He seemed like a real anarchist Libertarian, not one of those dime store Libertarians you find in Tucson.

Here is his blog.

He always had some funny negative thing to say about the government nannies and I liked that.

Mark was an epileptic and died while working on his computer. At least that is what I was told on one listserver.

Oddly Mark is the first electronic friend that I had that died. I never met Mark in person and only knew him from the internet. Mainly the anti-light rail listservers.

I suspect that creep David Dorn who owns the insuranse company Dorn Agency will now be spreading lies around that I am a government snitch and I followed around Mark Yannone and secretly took his photo.

F* you! David Dorn!! I got the photo off Mark Yannone blog site! Anyway David Dorn what are you doing reading my web page? Don't you have some people you need to go slander???? Get lost you creep and never come back here again you jerk!!!!!

A Coyote and his breakfast

Today I saw a coyote walking down a main street at about 4:30 am with what looked like his lunch. He was carrying something in his mouth and I suspect it was a cat or small dog that the coyote killed and was bringing home for breakfast.

I guess the moral of the story is don't leave your pets outside if you don't want them to become coyote food.

I am afraid of dogs, but I have never had any problems with coyotes. I have seen them a few times during my homeless life of living in the desert. And I have heard their howling many times more then the few times I have seen them.

I am sure they know where I live but don't bother me because I am a notch up on the food chain. I am not afraid of coyotes.

Hottest July ever in Phoenix

This article says that this July 2009 will be the hotest July we ever had in Phoenix! No way! We have not had one single 122°F (50°C) day (which is the record for Phoenix)! Hell we didn't even have one single 118°F (48°C) day (which was the old record for Phoenix)! On the other hand we did have a couple of days where the low was above 90°F (32°C). Those don't happen very often!

It's a nice and hot day. A perfect day for the Phoenix Police to shake down some homeless people that are being fed by a church! Check out the article.

Many cities as a solution to the homeless problem turn off the drinking water in parks to keep out the homeless. Sometimes they even close down the restrooms in the parks to make it harder for homeless people use the parks.

The Mesa park narcs seem to be bragging that they are heros in this article but I suspect a simpler solution would be to turn the drinking fountains back on in the park. That's assuming the government turned the drinking fountains off in the first place to drive out the homeless.

The National Debt - currently $10 trillion

Borrowing money by the boat load

As I grew up I saw the current figure of the National Debt many times on the news and it was a meaningless number. It meant nothing to me. $5 trillion! So what who cares! Finally when the National Debt I thought OK $5 trillion dollars? Whatís my share of the National Debt.

So I divided the $5 trillion number by the roughly 250 million people who lived in the USA at the time and I discovered that my share of the National Debt was about $20,000.

Wow! Thatís a lot of loot I thought I owe $20,000 toward the National Debt, that half as much as the $50,000 I own on my home mortgage!

I am not married but for that mythical family of 4 people, mom, pop and two kids I thought wow! They owe $80,000 toward their share of the National Debt. In many cases that is more then the mortgage on their home!

I also figured the $20,000 figure that I owed toward my share of the National Debt was biased because it assumed children would be paying of the National Debt. I figured the share every adult in the USA owed toward their share of the National Debt was $40,000 because adults are roughly half the population of the USA.

For many years I was a little naive or perhaps very naÔve and believed that the National Debt was a real debt that the government borrowed from some real person. That the National Debt was a real debt that the government would actually have to pay off at some time in the future.

You have heard of the fool who makes $1000 a month who keeps borrowing money on their credit cards and never pays a cent of the bill off. They just make the monthly interest payments.

When their misadventure in finance first starts out their monthly interest payment is very low. Maybe it is $10 a month. Then it they get up to a $100 monthly interest payment which is still manageable.

Then the debt starts to get out of hand and their monthly interest payments reach $500 a month or half their $1000 income. High but they still have time to save themselves from the debt.

Then their monthly interest payments on the debt reaches $750 a month or three-fourths their monthly income. And when their monthly interest payments reach $1000 and it is now impossible for them to get out of debt.

I naively assumed that the USA government was going to take the same path with our borrowing.

You know borrow so much money that they would never be able to pay it back. After all as I write this the National Debt is around $11 and a half trillion dollars. That is about $38,000 for every man, woman and child in the USA. Or $76,000 for every adult in the USA.

Printing money by the boat load

Back in the old days up till the 1930ís American money was backed by gold. You could take a $20 bill to the US Treasury Department and trade it for an ounce of gold. Up till the late 1960ís or early 1970ís American money was backed by silver. You could take a Silver Certificate bill, one of the old bills with a big blue dot on it that said Silver Certificate and give it to the US Treasury and get back an ounce of silver.

In the early 1970ís the US government stopped backing money by silver and begin printing money that was not backed by anything.

The current US dollars in your pocket or bank account are not worth anything except the paper they are printed on.

And I suspected that the American government was printing this worthless paper money by the boat load, in addition to borrowing money to increase the National Debt by the boat load.

I didnít figure out that the borrowing of money and the printing of money are very related until I read the book

The Creature from Jekyll Island :
A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
G. Edward Griffin

Printing and borrowing is the same thing

The book ďThe Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal ReserveĒ covers a lot of areas that vary from the constitutionality of the Federal government printing money and minting money, how the Federal Reserve Board was formed and a many other related issued. If youíre interested in this subject I highly recommend that you read the book. I will give you a nutshell overview.

The book ďThe Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal ReserveĒ points out that Section 10 of the US Constitution says

No State shall ... coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;
The ďBills of CreditĒ part means that states are not allowed to print money. And most of us know that no state currently prints money. I am sure all 50 state would love to print worthless paper money backed by nothing to pay off their debts like Feds do, but the US Constitution forbids states from doing it.

The book also points out that nowhere in the Constitution is the Federal government given the power to:

emit Bills of Credit;
and goes on to say that per the 9th and 10th Amendment since the Feds are not given the power to print money or "emit Bills of Credit" they donít have the power to print money or "emit Bills of Credit".

The book also points out that in Section 8 the Feds are given the power to

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;
and they go on to explain that coining money is not the same thing as printing money. In fact for the current American government we didnít use paper money till the Civil War All the money used was coined money.

The last the book also points out that in Section 8 the Feds are given the power to

To borrow money on the credit of the United States;
So according to the book it would be OK for the Feds to borrow money, perhaps $1 trillion from me or you or the country of France and agree to pay back the $1 trillions at a later date.

But the book explains that the Fedís donít do that.

According to the book Congress plays this game where Congress or the Federal government borrows money from itís self!

The game works like this. Congress needs $1 trillion so it prints up $1 trillion in pretty IOUís called T-Bills. It then orders the Treasury to print up $1 trillion in new dollar bills. Then Congress swaps the $1 trillion in cash for the $1 trillion in T-Bills and pretends it has borrowed the money from itís self.

Congress then gives the T-Bills to the Federal Reserve and has the Fed sell the T-Bills on the open market. The T-Bills pay interest and when that interest is due Congress will repeat the whole cycle to pay the interest.

According to the book the bottom line is that the current $11.5 trillion National Debt is money Congress borrowed from itís self! Which is government double talk for saying Congress printed $11.5 trillion in money that is backed by nothing.

If this sounds like gobble gook thatís because it is gobble gook! Itís just a lame scheme Congress uses to get around the fact that it is prohibited from printing money.

What happens when the interest is due on the $11.5 trillion in T-Bills that currently exist? Congress prints more T-Bills and money to pay off the interest.

Congress doesnít have the problems of the sap in the story I gave awhile ago who makes a $1,000 a month and has credit card interest payments of $1,000 a month.

Congress prints money to pay its bills. The sap in the story canít print money. And that is why this scheme can go on forever.

Printing money out of thin air causes inflation. It's an indirect tax!

The book explains that printing money out of thin air causes inflation. Itís an indirect tax. If $10 trillion of money exists and Congress prints another $1 trillion of paper money it will cause inflation, which will cause the value of the money you hold in your wallet or bank accounts to lose 10 percent of its value.

Thatís why Congress loves to print money instead of tax people. Itís an indirect tax and people donít get as angry when they are taxed by inflation.

Lets look at the roughly $2 trillion in corporate welfare Congress has handed out last summer in 2008 to now July 2009 which started off when McCain and Obama asked congress for about $800 billion in corporate welfare to give to the rich Wall Street bankers.

The $2 trillion is about $6,700 for each of the 300 million men, women and children in the USA. Since children donít pay taxes if would cost every adult in the county about $13,400.

If Congress forced you to pay $13,400 in extra income taxes to pay for that $2 trillion in corporate welfare they handed out, you would probably be very unhappy.

Instead Congress didnít tax anybody to pay for the $2 trillion handout. They just rolled the printing presses and printed the $2 trillion in corporate welfare. And nobody felt any pain like they would have if Congress hit every adult in the country with a extra $13,400 tax to pay for it.

Of course you were taxed indirectly because the $2 trillion the printed caused inflation.

The following is a blurb I wrote when I didnít fully understand the National Debt. I am just leaving it around so when people click on it they can be redirected to my current blurb. I wrote it after I went to an event at the Chandler Library put on by the folks at The Concord Coalition. To go to the begining of my current and correct blurb click here. Or you can go here where I moved a copy of this blurb to.

Earthquake in the Gulf of California

Aug 4, 2009 Baja California earthquake There was a huge 6.9 earthquake yesterday in the Gulf of California or the Sea of Cortez as the Mexicans call it. No damage though.

No Monsoons this Summer

When your homeless the scary part about Arizona summers are the monsoons that come at night in Phoenix.

Many nights before I go to bed I will just sit there at night and watch the monsoons out in the desert pass by and hope they donít hit me.

Basically a monsoon is just a thunderstorm system with lots of big low clouds and lots of lightning. You can watch them as they make their way across the desert. The next day in the newspaper you can read about what parts of town they hit heavily in.

Even though I am an atheist I pray that they wonít come my way. I donít like the lightning. That is about the only chance I have of nature killing me when I sleep out in the desert.

I have been thru a couple of monster monsoons and they both scared the krap out of me. One had 70 mile an hour winds and another knocked down lots of power lines and I was lucky I didn't get struck by lightning.

Luckily there has not been much monsoon activity this summer. A couple of weeks ago I watched as a number of monsoons swept across the desert but other then those there have not been any this summer.

Forgot to say that last night we had lots of clouds, well lots of clouds for Arizona and it was interesting watching them as they passed under the full moon.

Today it rained. This morning I must have been hit by 10 to 20 rain drops at least. Maybe a few more. But certainly not enough to cool me off or much less get me wet.

Warm Weather

For the last two weeks the highs have been around 115°F (46°C). That's no big deal by Phoenix standards. But the weather at night and in the morning seems to be extra warm. Maybe it is higher humidity. Maybe it is because the lows have been so high. Several days the lows have been above 90°F (32°C).

At night I normall wear a long sleve sweatshirt to keep the bugs off of me. A few days I slept with out it because it is too hot.

And the mornings are usually cool but the last two weeks it seems to get hot at 7:30a.m. It is just a blast of heat.

Today it seemed like winter was hear. It was nice and cool in the morning. The predicted high as only a 105°F (40.5°C).

I am not griping. I will take a 115°F day any day of the year over a freezing cold 60°F day (15.5°C)!!!!!

Last but not least the days are getting shorter. The summer shortest day of the year was maybe a month ago and the sun is setting much sooner. Winter will be here in a few months.

The newspaper lied about Venus coming back in 2010 as I stated in this blog a few pages ago! I see Venus every morning. Before Venus disappeared I saw it every night!

Bob Dylan is a wimp who can't take the heat!

In this article they say a concert featuring Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson has been canceled because of the heat! Wimps!!!!! As a high school student and college student living in Arizona summer was always party time! We never let a little warm or even hot weather get in our way of having parties in the desert at the river or at the lakes. What wimps a crummy 110įF (43°C) is stopping them from having a Dylan concert! What wimps!!

Even worse was when I lived in Los Angeles. On holidays we would travel to the Colorado river to party. And the Colorado river with its lower elevation is much hotter then Phoenix. More Egret sightings! The only reason I know what an egret is, is because when I took an Adobe Illustrator class one of the assignments required us to put an in the art work.

An egret is a large bird maybe 3 feet or tall. I never saw one in the years I rode my bike along the Arizona Canal in Phoenix.

I was quite suprised when I was riding my bike along the Cross-Cut canal in Tempe and saw an egret. It is huge and out of place in the desert. I have seen then a number of times since as I ride my bike along the canal.

In the last several weeks I have seen egrets several times along the Western Canal near Tempe Kiwanis Park.

I was suprised to see an egret in a small canal today. The canal starts at 52th Street and runs west towards the airport between 10th Place and 12th Street.

I don't know the name of the canal but Google seems to call it the San Fran Canal. West of the Hohokam Freeway the canal splits and one branch quickly dead ends at Elwood Street near where 45th Street would be.

The other branch of the canal runs all the way to 12th Street in Phoenix and ends near a park called Rio Salado Park which is on the south side of the Salt River. The east, west cross street is also Elwood Street This canal goes south and almost hits Broadway and then goes north again.

Feds won't let us use the parks we own

In this article it looks like the Federal government won't let us serfs use the National parks we own! Another reason to beleive we are government serfs and that the government is not a "public servant", a term that is an oxymorn. A government ruler saying he is a "public servant" is a lot like a slave saying he is the master of his owner. In both cases it is exactly the oppsite. A government ruler is our master, not our servant!

The Monsoons have come!

Thursday Aug 13 about 3 am I was woke up by a monsoon. Lots of lightning and thunder. Lots of rain too. I crawlled into the folded box I was sleeping on to keep dry. The box got soaked pretty good. My pants also got pretty wet but not soaking wet. And my shirt pretty much stayed dried.

This morning I saw another coyote. This time we crossed paths. Scared the krap out of me. I suspect it scared the coyote too. The coyote left the trail to avoid me. I was pretty scared but since the coyote backed off I just continued walking and the coyote didn't come back.

Emperor Obama Barack comes to Phoenix too!

Emperor Obama Barack is speaking in Phoenix this Monday. The royal family of Michelle Obama and children Malia and Sasha will be in Phoenix on Saturday.

The royal family will then take a trip to the Grand Canyon on Sunday.

Ain't it great! And Americans don't think we have royality here. How wrong they are.

A chilli chocolate shake sucks

A McDonalds shake mixed with hot spicy McDonaldís Buffalo sauce sucks!

Itís not the concept; itís the vinegar that sucks. The smell from the vinegar in the Buffalo sauce makes the shake taste horrible.

But oddly you could hardly taste the chilli. So next time around we will add some chilli to the shake that doesnít contain vinegar. Maybe that bag of chilli I got at the Indian grocery store next to MCC!

When the Mars, Venus and the moon line up

On Monday morning at about 4:30 I had a great opportunity to take a picture of the moon, Venus and Mars lined up.

The moon was just above Venus. Mars was to the north of Venus. If you make a V or a peace sign with your hand and then hold it out at arms lenght, the distance between the to points on the top of the V is about how far the cestial bodies are apart.

Venus is very bright. Mars is very dim and hard to see. And the moons is a quarter moon. I think the techno term is that the moom is waxing or going from a full moon to a new moon. A new moon is a techno term for no moon at all, or really a moon between the earth and the sun. A full moon is when the earth is between the moon and sun. Shortly after this cestial event occured Emperor Obama came to Phoenix and spoke at the Veterns of Foreign War convention. I guess war monger President Barack Obama is hoping to pick up a few votes from the war mongers at this convention so he can get re-elected in 2012. Either way ain't a dimes difference between Barack Obama, John McCain and Sarah Palin. They are all war mongering tyrants.

Dogs kill a man and woman in Georgia

I probably should carry a stick with me in case I am attacked by dogs. In this article a man and woman in Georgia were attacked and killed by a large pack of dogs.

Computer programmer leaves $225,000 to university

In this article George Sodini a computer programmer who killed himself left $225,000 to his university.

Another Monsoon

We had the second real monsoon of the summer come today. I was at a Circle K when the rain came and hung out their till it stopped. Their was tons of cool lightning after the rain stopped. It was cloud to cloud lightning so I didn't worry about it and went home to sleep in the desert.

About 1,000 in Valley without power after storms

by Jeffrey Javier - Aug. 22, 2009 09:24 AM

The Arizona Republic

About 1,000 Valley residents were still without power Saturday after Friday evening storms.

At the height of Friday's storm, APS had about 9,000 people without power but had a majority of them back up by midnight.

There were 800 people without power early Saturday, but they were expected to have power back up by noon. SRP had 5,000 to 6,000 of its customers back up Friday night but still had about 200 customers without power on Saturday. Those residents also should have it back up before noon.

Valley temperatures are expected to stay within the mid- to upper 90s until Sunday as scattered showers are expected to linger around the Valley.

Valerie Meyers, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Phoenix, said Saturday's high should be 96 degrees with a 50 percent chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the greater Phoenix and metro areas.

She expects a low of 80 degrees tonight and storms to dissipate.

For Sunday, she expects a high of 99 degrees with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms expected to last into the afternoon.

I though I was going to an atheist party!

I thought I was going to an atheist party, but it turned out to be a Sierra Club meeting! Yuk! Well it wasnít that bad.

The reason I thought it was an atheist party was because the invitations were sent out by Susan S. So when my friends offered to take me there I agreed to go. Turns out it was put on by a bunch of atheists who are also Sierra Club members.

You take Soottsdale Road way up north till it turns into Tom Darlington Drive, then you hang a right and take Cave Creek Road way east till you hit Old Mine Road to Blue Wash Road. It is in the area of maybe 115th Street east of Pima Road. It's called Blue Wash Road because huh, there is a wash nearby called Blue Wash!

Maybe a mile down the road this guy has a home on 6 arces with some huge indian ruins. He said it was carbon dated and the indians lived there sometime in the 1300's.

You can see the indian ruins as you drive down Blue Wash Road. They look like part of the fence along the property line. But they are not.

They gave us a tour of the ruins and it was pretty cool.

We also took a hike for what seemed a mile or two thru the desert.

They took a lot of photos at the party so if this Libertarian Anarchist shows up on some Sierra Club photos that is why.

Another dog fight

Doggy Tyranny

Aug 29 - another dog fight. Petey again attacked Otis. I think there were 3 cuts that had to be sown up on Otis.

Ginger might have been involved in the attack, but I really don't know. Once I got Ginger and Otis inside the house Ginger seemed to be afraid to let me get near her. Perhaps she was involved in the attack and afraid that I might punish her.

I had to feed the dogs in 3 seperate locations. It seems that Ginger and Petey have been strong arming Otis and stealing his food. At least that is what I am guessing.

It is getting cooler

It is still warm out in the mornings when I get up. But I can feel that it is getting cooler everyday.

If we are lucky we will have 100°F+ weather well into October. If we are unlucky we will have our last 100°F day in September which will signal the start of another cold winter. I hate cold weather!

There is a hurricane off of Mexico's west coast. While it won't come to Phoenix it could bring some rain this week. I hate rain too. But rain ain't that bad when it's 110°F outside. Hell it will drop down to 100°F or even less. Rain is OK in the summer, unless your homeless and don't have anywhere to stay dry when it rains.

Aug 31 - We got nicked by a nasty storm. Lots of high winds and a little rain. I was going to hang out under the ramadas but the rain quickly stopped. The folks at the NOAA totally missed this storm.

They legalized dope in Mexico

A week or so they legalized personal use of drugs in Mexico. If you have 5 grams or less of marijuana they will no longer arrest you. They also legalized small amounts of cocaine, herion, speed and lsd.

I was suprised that I did not read about it in the local Spanish language newspapers La Voz and La Prensa! Maybe next weeks paper.

Hawaii jails stinky homeless people who ride buses?

This article says that the government tryants in Honolulu, Hawaii are thinking about jailing stinky people who ride buses. Hey that is just a sneaky way to jail homeless people.

Another coyote!

Sept 2 - as I was walking down a trail I saw another coyote. This time I think the coyote passed me.

I was really scared when I saw it because I had recently read a couple stories about animals attacking people. Althought I am sure that fear is false because for as long as I have been homeless and sleeping in the desert I have never been attacked or even approached by a coyote.

The coyote wasn't that big. It was only as big as a small German shephard. But the coyote stopped and looked back at me.

I was afraid and wanted to back off. But I knew if I did that the coyote would think he was my master.

So to show the coyote I was in charge I started throwing rocks at it. Just to tell the coyote that if he came and attacked me at night that I would fight back.

Two weirdos with headlamps

I saw two weirdos with head lamps walking thru the desert the same day I saw the coyote. They also scared the krap out of me.

They looked like something out of Ghostbusters. They were both wearing the same stuff and had bright head lamps attached to where else - their heads.

I figured maybe they were narc and were there to hunt me down in the desert. But I didn't see them again.

College Educated and Homeless

In this article we find out it is now rather common for college educated people with advanced degrees to be homeless.

Of course I was homeless long before it was trendy for college educated folks to be homeless.

On the other hand I would not be homeless if it wasn't for the government stealing everything I owned. So I don't fit into the profile a a college educated person just making ends meet who became homeless after I got laid off.

I had several homes and lots of money which the government stole from me and caused me to become homeless. Put the pictures of the place I stayed while working on the web take photos of the new place i am sleeping at!!!!!! 1) write about how i had a job for a while 2) Currently I am sleeping in Mesa and hanging out in Chandler. 3) and my next job Get NAMI or groups that support mentally ill people to support my case and demand that the government give me back all the homes they seized from me illegally and unconstitutionally. That should help my case a lot. Also get Lori to write about me.

Follow my journey as a homeless person in Arizona as it continues in September 2009.

Some information about my life as a homeless person

Homeless In Arizona